APG Cash Drawer (Germany)


APG Cash Drawer (Germany)

Leichtmetallstr. 22a
42781 Haan-Gruiten

Phone: +49 (2104) 95 3 98-0

E-Mail: apginfo@us.cashdrawer.com
Internet: www.cashdrawer.com/de/

APG Cash Drawer and Cash Bases, both with over 30 years of experience, manufacture a wide range of highly durable and reliable cash drawers that are delivered quickly to the marketplace. 

APG/Cash Bases have built a reputation as the supplier of choice for cash management solutions for retail, grocery, hospitality, and quick serve for thousands of customers throughout the world. Whether it’s our general application cash drawer, custom designed solutions, or the SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash Drawer, our products and brand are differentiated by our ability to deliver innovative technologies that globally enhance efficiency and security at the point of sale.

To learn more about our products, visit www.cashdrawer.com or call 763-571-5000. Follow us on Twitter at @apgcashdrawer and on Facebook.

News by APG Cash Drawer (Germany)

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08.04.2016   #customer satisfaction #customer relationship management

Expanding the role of the trusted advisor through cash management

Cash management automation improves the customer experience at the checkout

One of the biggest challenges retailers face is the cost of handling cash. Between counting cash repeatedly, reconciling cash drawer amounts, and transporting bills and coins to the bank, a lot of time and money is spent on managing the process.

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Next Generation POS: The role of cash and ePayments

How to match a cash drawer to your retail environment

Mobility and payment are hot topics in retail, With tablets making major inroads into store environments and mobile wallet finally gaining traction, transactions can occur anywhere increasing convenience for customers and ...

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