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Thumbnail-Photo: Retail: Brand equity through celebrity endorsements...
31.01.2013   #marketing planing #merchandising products

Retail: Brand equity through celebrity endorsements

A lucrative business – on both sides

In Germany, TV show host Thomas Gottschalk and gummy candy maker Haribo are considered THE prime examples when it comes to successful celebrity endorsements. In recent years, large German retail companies like KiK, EDEKA and REWE also brought ...

04.11.2011   #merchandising products #advertising media

Germany: Introduction of DAB+ increases sales of portable audio devices with DAB+ capability

The launch of the new DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) standard in Germany in August 2011 was eagerly expected. Within the Consumer Electronics industry, private broadcasters and leading manufacturers are working to ensure the technology reaches ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LCD-/ LED-/ Plasmabildschirme
01.03.2008   #displays #electric displays

LCD-/ LED-/ Plasmabildschirme

DS 2012: Indoor LED Video Display

This 85"-wide all-round spectacle is designed for information broadcasting, live performances and video displays. It brings more cinematic impact to large public areas such as convention center lobbies, concerts, sports arenas, airports, train ...


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