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31.10.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Stage-worthy, lighting-focussed in-shop merchandising

LED: Energy efficiency still a hot topic

EuroShop, The World’s Leading Retail Trade Fair taking place in Düsseldorf from 16 – 20 February 2014, will cover an area of over 110,000 m² in 16 exhibition halls for the first time next year, making this edition the largest ...

Thumbnail-Photo: One day in Paris…in Jakarta
23.09.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

One day in Paris…in Jakarta

Ansorg implements lighting concept for Indonesia’s new large department store

Galeries Lafayette, the legendary department store and symbol of the French art de vivre has now finally arrived also on the Indonesian retail horizon. At the busy Pacific Place in the heart of Jakarta a fascinating fashion temple has been ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Store lighting: Realistic lighting creates trust...
02.09.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Store lighting: Realistic lighting creates trust

The entrance lures the customer in, while the sales room presents the product in the “best light“

Tidy and well stocked, clean and equipped with innovative details and displays: this is what sales floors and areas should look like, so they attract customers and invite them to look around. However, one detail can make a special contribution to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Appropriate lighting helps with orientation and product presentation...
01.09.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Appropriate lighting helps with orientation and product presentation

Good lighting is more than just an assistance for the customer

Light can subconsciously influence people, positively as well as negatively. Sunlight makes people happy and in the dark months of winter depressions are more common than in the rest of the year. But aside from such extreme effects, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: ”LED spots continue to replace the traditional halogen lamps“...
01.09.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

”LED spots continue to replace the traditional halogen lamps“

Interview with Marcus Zauner, Marketing Manager for LUXX Lichtsysteme GmbH

Marcus Zauner is Marketing Manager for LUXX Lichtsysteme GmbH. In this interview, he talks about the advantages of LED in store lighting and explains what advantages LED has compared to T5 neon tubes and what the trends in lighting look like for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “Lighting can transform the salesroom into a world of experience“...
01.09.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

“Lighting can transform the salesroom into a world of experience“

Interview with Ralf Knorrenschild, Director of Global Key Account Management at Zumtobel

Light creates ambiance. Light triggers emotions. Light influences the purchase decision. The product can have the highest quality, but it requires the correct lighting to completely persuade the customer. In this iXtenso interview, Ralf ...

Thumbnail-Photo: More light – more presence
31.07.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

More light – more presence

With LED equipment Ansorg illuminates the Fisser & Scheers car showrooms and the Volkswagen trademark

Inviting, open, bright – with the extension of the Volkswagen showrooms of the Fisser & Scheers car dealership in Emmerich, Ansorg has for the first time implemented the Volkswagen interior design concept 100% with LED technology. In this ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Historical exhibits presented in a new light...
26.06.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Historical exhibits presented in a new light

Cutting-edge lighting solution by Zumtobel for “vorarlberg museum”

Following a four-year conversion period, the “vorarlberg museum” in Bregenz will open its doors again on 21 June 2013. The museum designed by the Bregenz-based architectural studio Cukrowicz Nachbaur has now become one of the highlights ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Lighting design in its simplest form
14.05.2013   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Lighting design in its simplest form

Hera has expanded its product range of LED recessed lamps with the stylish model AR 45-LED

Due to its sophisticated design and round shape, the new AR 45-LED spotlight is extremely versatile – with a diameter of only 50 millimetres and installation depth of just 11 millimetres, it fits easily into extra-small spaces, making it a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The new LED spotlight ORIO by Ansorg
09.01.2013   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

The new LED spotlight ORIO by Ansorg

Highlight in design and lighting technology

The new LED spotlight ORIO – designed in cooperation with the renowned architect and designer Antonio Citterio – meets the highest design demands, at the same time providing maximum flexibility. By means of efficient and ...

16.09.2011   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

Lighting the way to Savings Promolux: Better Light, Better Value

A high-tech retail lighting company is providing bakeries and artisan shops world-wide a golden opportunity to highlight their bakery items and extend shelf life. The site has been given a new look and design as it highlights ...

Thumbnail-Photo: World of TUI in Berlin: This is where travel dreams start...
04.07.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

World of TUI in Berlin: This is where travel dreams start

Ansorg’s creative lighting scenario bathes TUI’s flagship store in Berlin in a warm, sunny mood with a feel-good factor.

Whether digital or analogue, in the travel agency of the future all roads lead to Rome. Or to countless other destinations which can be explored at the "World of TUI" before the journey really starts. Since early 2011, over an area of 320 ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Facades and windows turn into luminous advertising spaces...
01.07.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Facades and windows turn into luminous advertising spaces

Great architecture can get even better with the right light. Façade lighting highlights the outside, or a building is so transparent that the inside lighting also has an effect on the outside. Compared to metal, glass, stone and wood, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “Welcome“ to the land of facade opportunities...
01.07.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

“Welcome“ to the land of facade opportunities

Interview with Thomas Tennagels, Managing Director of curveLED in Düsseldorf

The first thing visitors saw at the EuroShop 2008 was a large curtain made of light emitting diodes. This year the diodes will once again write “Welcome“ and “Bienvenue“ in the entrance hall. LEDs will be an important trade fair topic. They ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “In recent years an LED hysteria has erupted“...
28.06.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

“In recent years an 'LED hysteria' has erupted“

Interview with Michael Flögel, Sales Manager for Lighting Systems at Elektra

LEDs are becoming more and more important for store designs and with that they also find their way into shop window displays. Our questions on this topic were answered by Michael Flögel, Sales Manager for Lighting Systems in Commercial-, Retail- ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Seeing the world with different eyes
15.06.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Seeing the world with different eyes

Übersee-Museum Bremen uses LED technology to illuminate new permanent exhibition

Creating an atmosphere, providing accents, setting the stage: by providing an advanced LED lighting solution, Zumtobel has helped to present the new permanent exhibition at the Übersee-Museum [Overseas Museum] in Bremen to optimum effect. In ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Ansorg at EuroShop 2011: Innovative and economic lighting solutions for...
01.02.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Ansorg at EuroShop 2011: Innovative and economic lighting solutions for the trade

With a conceptually sophisticated and innovative illuminated stand architecture, Ansorg will receive the visitors of EuroShop 2011. The specialist for retail lighting, however, also has much to offer in terms of some new products. Visitors to the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LED says look here…
30.11.2010   #led technology #led lighting

LED says look here…

OMS employs OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs in new in-store luminaires

The right lighting in stores has a very significant effect on how shoppers perceive merchandise and its attractiveness. Also exhibits in museums and galleries and at trade fairs only really show themselves to advantage when they are staged with the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: BÄRO: The new complete catalogue 2010/11 has arrived!...
20.07.2010   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

BÄRO: The new complete catalogue 2010/11 has arrived!

Request your free copy now

The new BÄRO complete catalogue is now available. It showcases the entire BÄRO product range - from the latest product innovations to established, well-proven luminaires, from conventional lighting technology to LED luminaires. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: gin.o and gin.a - Hoffmeister brings perfect light to presentation spaces...
28.04.2010   #lighting systems #lights

gin.o and gin.a - Hoffmeister brings perfect light to presentation spaces

Even the names of the new spotlight series from Hoffmeister set a counterpoint to the severe cubic and cylindrical luminaire designs that have dominated the market for presentation lighting to date. With the unique use of shapes and virtually ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Light that sets the stage
03.12.2009   #lighting concepts #decorative lighting

Light that sets the stage

Zumtobel at Art Basel in Miami Beach

From 3 – 6 December 2009, at the 8th edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach, Zumtobel will draw the curtain for fascinating lighting solutions in art and culture. Furthermore, Zumtobel will present the Starbrick Masterpiece, which was created in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents first OLED light source...
26.11.2009   #led technology #led lighting

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents first OLED light source

The Orbeos panel combines energy savings, quality light and design

Light, thin, non-glare and warm white – Orbeos is the first OLED light source from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors for premium quality functional lighting. The new energy-efficient surface-emitting panel is especially suited to applications in the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Brilliance in a perfect design
20.11.2009   #lights #decorative lighting

Brilliance in a perfect design

Ecoos direct/indirect luminaire ensures outstanding efficiency

The new Ecoos individual luminaire, which emits light in all directions, is yet another masterpiece created by Zumtobel. The perforated lateral reflector allows light to be emitted laterally from the luminaire, reducing luminance to beneficial ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pharmacy from the Arabian Nights
06.11.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Pharmacy from the Arabian Nights

For the Super-Care Pharmacy in Dubai Mall, Ansorg developed, together with the Bluehaus design office, a lighting solution which makes the Wellness temple radiant. It is probably the largest pharmacy in the Arab emirates that moved into Dubai Mall ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Coolness of the senses
06.11.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Coolness of the senses

Areej, the leading cosmetics sales chain in the Arab Emirates, sets the scene for a brilliant range of merchandise in Dubai Mall, supported with lighting design from Ansorg. Areej is the Arabic word for ‘sweet scent‘, synonymous with ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Lighting serial LD 6000 – Strong power in slim designs...
22.10.2009   #lights #decorative lighting

Lighting serial LD 6000 – Strong power in slim designs

Times of rising commodity prices and environment-conscious living require solutions that are both energy and cost saving. Elektra meets this requirement with state-of-the-art fluorescent lighting technology. The high light output of the LD 6000 ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Coffee house with culture
20.10.2009   #lighting concepts #decorative lighting

Coffee house with culture

Taking into account the requirements of the historical architecture, Ansorg succeeded in setting a tasteful scene with the lighting for Starbucks’ new address in Mönckebergstraße. In 1913, the ornate building with the Doric columns ...

Thumbnail-Photo: BÄRO to use improved reflector material from 2010...
16.10.2009   #lighting concepts #lights

BÄRO to use improved reflector material from 2010

Greater energy efficiency, a longer life, better light

The reflector is one of the most important components of a luminaire. Why? Because the material, shape and properties of the reflector determine the distribution of light in the salesroom and on the products and also the lamp efficiency/utilisation ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OSRAM ceramic lamps now as 100W systems
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

OSRAM ceramic lamps now as 100W systems

OSRAM expands its range of Powerball HCI halogen metal halide lamps

With its Powerball HCI 100W lamps Munich lighting manufacturer OSRAM now provides 100W systems for halogen metal halide lamps with ceramic burners for the first time. It means the company is meeting the demands of OEMs and lighting designers for a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: BÄRO MaxBeam – The new special reflector for sales-promoting product...
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

BÄRO MaxBeam – The new special reflector for sales-promoting product lighting from a great height

From wholesale stores to supermarkets and shopping malls - lighting which promotes sales and is also energy-efficient is particularly difficult to realise when shelves, aisles or long sales counters need to be illuminated from a great ceiling ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LED-Solutions for showcases
19.08.2009   #led technology #led lighting

LED-Solutions for showcases

Vitrale_Linie Showcase lighting fitted with a frame incorporating two light lines with cooling section and optic (30° transparent, diffuse and white). Can also be installed without a frame. Vitrale_Surface Showcase lighting consisting of luminaire ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Round 2 of the “LED - Emotionalize your light” competition...
20.07.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Round 2 of the “LED - Emotionalize your light” competition

Ideas can still be fine-tuned and judged before 23 July

Following a successful first round of the “LED - Emotionalize your light” competition supported by OSRAM and Siemens, the three best lighting concepts have been chosen. In the second stage to follow, the design community will discuss and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant Luminaire SILVER SURFER
15.05.2009   #led lighting #lights

Pendant Luminaire SILVER SURFER

Design: neunzig°design

Silver surfer concentrates the whitealuminium powder-coated (RAL 9006) luminaire into an equally elegant and functional area, which serves both as circuit board as well as carrier plate. The usage of state-of-the-art power LED technology almost ...

Thumbnail-Photo: EHI study reveals huge energy saving potential for lighting – lighting...
08.05.2009   #lighting concepts #lights

EHI study reveals huge energy saving potential for lighting – lighting concepts from BÄRO reduce costs

Retailers still have plenty of energy saving potential, especially in the area of lighting technology - this is the conclusion reached in the latest study by the "EHI Retail Institute"*. The study shows that constantly rising energy costs ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The new Hydra II suspended fixtures from BÄRO...
10.11.2008   #lighting systems #lights

The new Hydra II suspended fixtures from BÄRO

Glass lighting highlights for every salesroom.

Sales-promoting, energy-efficient and eye-catching: the new Hydra II suspended fixtures from BÄRO now provide superb product presentation in supermarkets and specialist stores. Whether you're looking for a classic elegant variant or a trendy ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Versatile lighting for tight deployment situations...
15.09.2008   #lights #decorative lighting

Versatile lighting for tight deployment situations

The MLF Universal Luminaire from Regiolux

The ultra-slim MLF universal luminaire from Regiolux is one of the most compact T5 light strip systems on the market (W=33mm x H=55mm), and offers an extremely wide range of deployment possibilities. It is equally suitable for both simple and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Robust highlights for illuminated advertising...
18.06.2008   #led technology #led lighting

Robust highlights for illuminated advertising

Extension of LED portfolio: OSRAM BACKlight Protect

The LED module BACKlight Protect is the ideal solution for permanent and luminous lettering and light boxes in outdoor applications. The robust housing protects the modules from dust, moisture and condensation through dripping or splashing water ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire JET-FLAT
03.06.2008   #lights #decorative lighting

Pendant luminaire JET-FLAT

Design: brodbeckdesign

On the occasion of this years’s LIGHT+BUILDING 2008 the Mering based LUDWIG LEUCHTEN KG presented a technical revolution with the brand new pendent luminaire JET-FLAT PE-ID DLH: This luminaire’s shallow visible height of mere 16,5 mm could only ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE
03.06.2008   #lights #decorative lighting

Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE

Design: Prof. Gerd Flohr

Displaying an autonomous and functional use of forms FLOHRA PE stands out by its reduction to the essentials. Spacial aluminium elements join in a perfect sybiosis with the crystal glass shade. The semi-transparent shade with its dicroitic coating ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Recessed luminaire SPACE
03.06.2008   #lights #decorative lighting

Recessed luminaire SPACE

Design: Hasan Ertürk

This luminaire’s special flavour comes from its use of two lamps with different light colours. SPACE combines a metal vapour halogen lamp that sits at the centre of a highly reflective anodized aluminium reflector with an energy-efficient and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire TAKESIX
03.06.2008   #led lighting #lights

Pendant luminaire TAKESIX

Design: Alexander Ludwig, Christian Schwankhart

TAKESIX owes its clear and simplified forms to the state-of-the-art LED technology deployed in the luminaire. The luminaire’s housing is made of extruded aluminium disks that are powder coated in anthracite (micaceous iron ore DB 703). The ...

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