Company News • 27.02.2015

Pricer’s mobile shopper solution for Carrefour wins award

Pricer have won the EHI Retail Technology Europe award for “Best Customer Experience” for their Carrefour implementation

Pricer’s mobile shopper solution for Carrefour wins award...
Source: EHI Retail Institute

Since its inception in 2008, the EHI Retail Institute has distributed its prestigious awards to distinguish retail companies for their implementation of innovative and outstanding information technology solutions in retail.

The “Best Customer Experience” award in particular is presented to a retailer that offers the best customer experience supported by cutting-edge technology.

This prize has been awarded in light of the mobile retail application created by Pricer with several strategic partners for Carrefour, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate store geolocation and product search with their shopping lists, promotions and recipe ideas. Once inside the store, the customers’ shopping routes are optimized and guided via the Pricer platform to the actual products and promotions they are looking for.

Carrefour’s 121,000 square-foot Villeneuve la Garenne hypermarket near Paris has been equipped with over 55, 000 Pricer NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). Not only do these bring all the benefits of ESLs – including centralized price automation – but the NFC capability means that customers can access more information about a product – ingredients, pictures, data by tapping their phone on the ESL. Shoppers can even ‘like’ a product with their phone and the label will display the total number of ‘likes’.

Charles Jackson, EVP Global Sales, Marketing and Strategy at Pricer commented on the win: “Carrefour Villeneuve la Garenne is the first food retailer worldwide that guides in real time their shoppers to individual products using indoor navigation, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. This award confirms our commitment and engagement to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers.”

Source: Pricer

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