Company News • 05.10.2011

Frank Tillner new COO at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Semiconductor expert takes responsibility for worldwide opto component production

Frank Tillner is the new Chief Operating Officer of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors...
Frank Tillner is the new Chief Operating Officer of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH. @ OSRAM

There will be a new addition to the executive team of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors as of October 1, 2011. Born in Aachen, Germany, Frank Tillner (51) will be succeeding the previous Chief Operating Officer, Elke Eckstein, at the headquarters in Regensburg and taking the responsibility for the chip and LED production plants in Regensburg, Germany, and Penang, Malaysia. Frank Tillner has many years of experience in semiconductor processes and production to commend him. He was last employed as Senior Vice President at Conergy AG.

"Our company has found the ideal candidate for the post of COO in Frank Tillner. With his long-standing experience in the sector, he not only has an immense specialist knowledge but also the management expertise required to meet the demands of the various processes at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, thus fulfilling all the prerequisites for this key position," said Aldo Kamper, CEO of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, about the new appointment.

Tillner's career kicked off in the semiconductor sector some 26 years ago. Following his studies in physics engineering, his first post was with Siemens AG, where he worked as a process engineer for lithography in the Semiconductor Memories division. In the course of his career, Tillner held various different positions at the company, including six years in Essonnes, France. He also worked with Texas Instruments GmbH, Infineon Technologies AG and Qimonda AG. He soon had a chance to demonstrate his professional expertise and his excellent leadership skills in executive posts – be it as Chief Operating Officer for the Secure Mobile Solutions Group of Infineon AG, as Senior Vice President Production & Purchasing at Qimonda AG or as Senior Vice President Solar Components & Global Large Projects at Conergy AG. Thanks to his expertise in the fields of product and technological development, marketing, logistics, quality and finances, along with his worldwide responsibility for production plants, Tillner offers a vast wealth of experience and a holistic view of people and structures.

CV Frank Tillner:

51 years, born in Setterich near Aachen, Germany
Married, 3 children

1981 – 1985 Cologne University of Applied Sciences, study of Physics Engineering
1985 – 1989 Siemens AG, Munich, process engineer, lithography, Semiconductor Memories division
1989 – 1991 Texas Instruments GmbH, Freising, Germany, process engineer, lithography for CMOS and BICMOS logic processes
1992 – 1995 Siemens AG, Essonnes, France, Senior Manager, lithography in a joint venture with IBM
1995 – 1997 Siemens AG, Essonnes, France, Director of the Planning Department in a joint venture with IBM
1997 – 2000 Infineon Technologies AG/Siemens AG, Munich, Vice President, program management of the standard DRAM memory
2000 – 2003 Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Vice President & General Manager Microcontroller for automotive and industrial sectors
2003 – 2004 Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Chief Operating Officer of the Secure Mobile Solutions Group of Infineon AG
2004 – 2006 Infineon/Qimonda, Managing Director of Flash GmbH & Co.KG owned by the Qimonda AG / Infineon Memory Group, Dresden, Germany
2006 – 2009 Qimonda AG, Munich, Senior Vice President Production and Purchasing at Qimonda AG
2009 – 2010 Conergy AG, Hamburg, Germany, Vice President Large Global Projects for Solar Projects
2010 – today: Conergy AG, Hamburg, Germany, Senior Vice President Solar Components & Global Large Projects
From 10.1.2011COO at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH

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