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LED technology for Stadtbäckerei Lindenmayer

Since 1872 the bakery Stadtbäckerei Lindenmayer has stood for high-quality bakery and confectionary products. Ralph Lindenmayer and his team still use the original recipes of the founding generation to bake their special bakery products. In addition to high product quality, presentation is very important to the master baker – which is why he opted for LED lighting technology from BÄRO for a new branch.

Optimum product lighting and a pleasant lighting atmosphere

Stadtbäckerei Lindenmayer currently operates ten bakeries in the Frankfurt region. When planning the new bakery branch in Bruchköbel Ralph Lindenmayer took an in-depth look at the subject of lighting. "Our aim was to illuminate the products optimally and to create a pleasant light atmosphere in our spacious café and eating area. In addition, it goes without saying that energy efficiency also played an important role." Contact to BÄRO was established via the shopfitter Adler + Partner. To enable a direct comparison with the conventional lighting technology previously fitted and to gain experience with ballasts, fans and maintenance intensity the sampling was carried out in one of the existing bakery branches. Afterwards, Ralph Lindenmayer was certain that he wanted his new premises to be fitted with LED light. In addition to a customised lighting plan, the full service from BÄRO included fitting the new lighting system.

The entire counter and rear wall area of the bakery is illuminated with Intara RD 190 recessed luminaires fitted with BÄRO LED Food Light technology. These enable the sales-promoting presentation of the fresh bakery and confectionary products in their true natural colours. Thanks to the UV- and infrared-free light spectrum of the LEDs sensitive products in particular such as chocolate cakes or cream cakes are effectively protected from heat and UV light. This means that the products in the sales counter are freshly presented for longer and product losses are minimised.
Ralph Lindenmayer: "I am very satisfied with the lighting – and there is a noticeable reduction in the heat radiated. Customers also praise our new shop fitting and lighting concept. The planning and implementation by BÄRO went very well and we will be pleased to work with BÄRO again when we equip our next bakery."

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