Product • 09.04.2008

light is evolution

Occhio the modular lighting system for all areas of life

Occhio is the first true modular lighting system for all areas of life. The evolutionary basic idea of the Occhio system is simple, yet so ingenious: pivoting lamp bodies can be combined with numerous interchangeable reflector heads, and offer the user almost inexhaustible possibilities for creative lighting design. Based on this multifunctional concept, Occhio caters for sophisticated lighting solutions in private environments as well as in professional business environments.

Corresponding to the philosophy „light is evolution“, Axelmeiselicht continuously develops the lighting system Occhio, in order to offer the perfect solution for every situation and interior requirements. The modularity and flexibility of Occhio allows you to create your own area of life, being your own lighting designer.

The product lines Occhio Puro and Occhio Sento have won national and international design awards, and are being distributed across Europe by Occhio partners through specialized lighting retailers and selected design furniture stores.


Occhio GmbH

Wiener Platz 7
81667 München

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