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Lighting serial LD 6000 – Strong power in slim designs

Lighting serial LD 6000
Lighting serial LD 6000

Times of rising commodity prices and environment-conscious living require solutions that are both energy and cost saving. Elektra meets this requirement with state-of-the-art fluorescent lighting technology.

The high light output of the LD 6000 lighting range with integrated electronic ballast provide for an even and optimum light distribution without dark zones. ELEKTRA offers well designed, reliable and flexible light solutions in slim dimensions with this range, ideal for lighting work surfaces, niches, ceilings, walls and floors.

The small T2 fitted light “LD 6000 E” is perfectly in form. Its installation depth of 12.5mm only fits perfectly in 16/19mm boards. The visible height of the protruding cover is 12.5mm.

The extra slim, almost flush recessed version “LD 6000 EF” of our latest T2 fluorescent lighting generation comes with a 2mm only cover height. Its installation depth of16 mm is ideally suited for use in 19mm boards.

The mounted version “LD 6000 A” can be interlinked to continuous rows. A main switch module in the same design is optional.



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