Product • 21.08.2007

Luminous row SL 1

Design: Alexander Ludwig / Wolfgang Sojer

Luminous row SL 1
Luminous row SL 1

The luminous row is available up to a maximum length of 6 metres.
The slim and elegant aluminium profile luminaire SL 1 has a technically inspired appearance not only as a result of the miniature louvre in highly reflective MIRO aluminium material (MIRO-SILVER®), but also based on the compressed construction design with clearly defined lines and emphasis on geometrical forms. The use of the miniature louvre ensures all-round luminance limitation of L<=1000 cd/m² at an emission angle exceeding 65° to the vertical in accordance with DIN EN 12464.
The luminaire laid out for T5-lamp technology fulfills the requirements for monitor work stations. In addition, the luminaire fits perfectly in all representative areas, museums, galleries and sales rooms. SL 1 is also available as a surface mounted luminaire or suspended luminaire.

MIRO-SILVER® – the next Generation
Following in the wake of MIRO® – the aluminium industry world innovation among surface-finished aluminium coil products with a total light reflection of 95% – is now proud to present the next generation: MIRO-SILVER®.
Its unique claim: a total light reflection of 98%!

What's more, MIRO-SILVER® is characterised by excellent UV-C photo-stability and – like MIRO® – is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

MIRO-SILVER® in specular louvres
Because of the miniaturisation of specular louvres the light output ratio is going down and the number of multiple reflections is going up. To compensate this you have to use a reflector material with a maximum total reflection. Because of the small size of the microlouvre you have an extreme weight reduction for the aluminium. So that the higher price of MIRO-SILVER is more than compensated. The picture shows how much percent in weight a standard T5 und T5 Microlouvres in comparison to a T8 louvre is.

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