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Thumbnail-Photo: PoS-Star - The display system
02.09.2008   #product presentation #display fittings

PoS-Star - The display system

A further supportive idea for your sales promotion

With the customer orientated philosophy, continuous and directed exchange of information between our emplyees, and complete manufacture under one roof, we are able to supply our products to your requirements, quickly, of high quality yet ...

Thumbnail-Photo: click 3
02.09.2008   #price labels

click 3

The price plate with many advantages

3 clicks = easily fitted with just 2 clicks and easily adjusted into any of 3 positions with just 1 click Exchangeable: You only need to change the plate, the hook stays put. Compatible with almost all hooks with overarms and crossbars. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Ideas for tool and outstanding displays
02.09.2008   #displays #product presentation

Ideas for tool and outstanding displays

With an unequalled range of display fittings, Geck is your ideal partner in the retail industry. We have at our disposal an almost unlimited range of solutions for product presentation and display, covering all types of display systems, from ...