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Retailers fight a daily battle for innovation, delivery and share of the customer's mind. Faced with the consolidation of key retail channels, extended hours and additional amenity offerings to serve the needs of their customers, retailers of all sizes face increased competition, increased concerns over security, energy saving initiatives and demand for virtual control of facilities. Offering the convenience of contactless access control along with payment systems, time and attendance and other smart card-enabled applications, HID Global solutions help solve your retail center needs.


With significant retail industry experience, HID Global provides complete solutions for retail operations. HID Global solutions can help address shrinkage and drive additional profitability: 1) for open-air “lifestyle centers” with high-end consumers and lower common-area costs; 2) for big box retailers concerned with energy consumption and cutting operational costs, in addition to customer experience; 3) for larger retailers with a focus on advanced security and building automation systems; and 4) for the 24/7 nature of convenience stores.


Whether you demand access control systems, IP-based network solutions or payment systems, scalable solutions from HID Global address the needs of retailers of all sizes.


Solutions for the Retail Industry

HID Global solutions deliver a flexible product architecture that allows retailers to easily implement access control solutions as well as additional retail industry employee management services and applications. 

  • Choose from a variety of networked solutions provided by HID and its access control system partners. Theses solutions open the door to a network TCP/IP access control system that leverages off existing building wiring and can be maintained at off-site central stations.
  • Turn to HID Connect application providers to perform numerous tasks in your facility including time and attendance, biometrics, cashless vending, IT logon, POS and more..
  • Use multiCLASS migration readers or cards to upgrade to today’s most powerful contactless access control solutions. 
  • Choose from a variety of reader form factors and configurations, including small proximity and smart cards readers that offer flexible mounting.
  • Easily badge employees off-site by taking advantage of HID’s Card Service Bureau, which allows for quick turnaround single-card programming for new employees entering your facility.  
  • Multi-technology credentials, including magnetic stripe and iCLASS, use both innovative access control solutions while maintaining the functionality of legacy systems.