FINBIN Litter Bin Products, Lassila & Tikanoja plc

FINBIN Litter Bin Products, Lassila & Tikanoja plc

Sentnerikuja 1, P.O. Box 28
00440 Helsinki

Phone: +35 (0)8 10 636111
Fax: +35 (0)8 10 6362700


Founding Year: 1905

FinBin® Litter Bins and Ashtrays

FinBin® is always near at hand when needed - stylish and discreet. A modern and functional design fulfills the requirements of any surroundings both in shape, material and dimensions. FinBin® Litter Bin product range is extensive. It includes small and charming bins, elegant impressive larger bins, and pleasant solid medium ones, as well as ashtrays for every need. FinBin® is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. By request, the products can be designed and customized according to the client´s specifications. The FinBin® products are designed in Finland and made of the best Finnish steel materials. FinBin® products are produced by Lassila & Tikanoja Plc. Lassila & Tikanoja specialises in environmental management and property and plant support services. L&T has business operations in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Russia and Norway. The company’s shares are quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange.