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Who we are


GERA-IDENT is an auto-ID company with its main focus on RFID technology. Our employees and equipment are specialized in passive RFID, especially HF (13.56 MHz) and UHF (860-960 MHz). We see ourselves as consultants and integrators but also as developers and manufacturers of application focused products. Our core markets are divided in laundry/textiles, logistics, ticketing and document/asset management. This philosophy demands comprehensive and diverse production and development capabilities but enables us to create better and more flexible solutions to assist our clients.

Mission Statement

The business segment of GERA-IDENT is composed of services as well as development and manufacturing in the field of auto-ID, primarily passive RFID. The company pays exceptional attention to customer satisfaction and the quality of its products. Conformity to current industry standards as well as highly qualified and frequently trained personnel guarantee high quality standards. Of prime importance is the tailoring of the RFID technology to each individual client’s requirements.

What do we offer our customers?

RFID systems
We provide our customers with systems designed according to their requirements. In order to guarantee an ideal integration, we cooperate with competent and specialized partners.
Our main focus is thereby on the requirements of the particular application as well as on the perfect interplay of the components. GERA-IDENT’s philosophy is to be a partner from the
first consultation until installation and maintenance of the systems.

RFID products
Referring to our motto: “Labels, tickets, tags and more…” we manufacture high quality RFID products. Apart from conventional RFID labels and tickets, our product-portfolio is focused
on application-specific transponders and readers. We exert significant influence on the enhancements of our machinery, meaning the development and technical preparation of
certain components and assembly groups. This puts us in a position to cater precisely to a vast variety of customer specifications.

Integration services
Although RFID does simplify processes significantly, the innate complexity of these systems is relatively high. On request, we do on-site measurements or test system components in our labs in order to ensure optimal system performance. Through many successful implementations of RFID systems we have accumulated a vast amount of experience.


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