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E-Mail: Info@DGScreen.com
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About DGScreen

DGScreen is an emerging provider in cloud-based, combined hardware/software digital signage systems. DGScreen was established in 2007 to enable all businesses, of any size, to take advantage of cutting edge digital signage technology and managed content delivery solutions to improve communications within the organization and deliver targeted advertising and messaging to customers to enhance point of purchase marketing and bottom line results.  

DGScreen is an affordable solution which transforms any digital screen/TV into a powerful communication platform. Comprised of the DGBox, a designated media player and DGDesigner and DGManager web-based software, DGScreen delivers high quality content creation and composition, screen management, scheduling, real-time monitoring and reporting. Available as a combined hardware/software solution and offered on a SaaS model, DGScreen is simple to use and easy to deploy.  

Now, any business looking to improve communications and benefit from targeted messaging and advertising can take advantage of innovative digital signage technology and start enjoying the benefits this unique solution offers.