Handelsverband Deutschland - HDE e.V.


Handelsverband Deutschland - HDE e.V.
Der Einzelhandel

Am Weidendamm 1A
10117 Berlin

Phone: 030/72 62 50-0
Fax: 030/72 62 50-99

E-Mail: hde@einzelhandel.de
Internet: www.einzelhandel.de

Founding Year: 1919

For 90 years the German Retail Federation (HDE) has been the overarching organisation of the German retail sector, which consists of about 410,000 independent companies with a total of 2.7 million employees and a yearly turnover of more than 550 billion Euros.

Retail trade is the third biggest economic sector in Germany, after industry and the crafts. The German Retail Federation has 100,000 business members from all sectors, locations and sizes, which together produce more than 250 billion Euros turnover a year.

The HDE head office is located in Berlin. It represents the needs and interests of the whole retail sector ¿ of all sectors, locations and sizes. HDE is the legitimate voice of the sector vis-à-vis national and EU-level politics, as well as vis-à-vis other business sectors, the media and the public. HDE is an active member of more than 60 national and international organisations. In its role as leading retail umbrella organisation, HDE supports individual companies in all professional subject matters. It provides and safeguards the voice and place which the retail sector deserves due to its evonomic significance.