CodeFlügel GmbH


CodeFlügel GmbH

Nikolaiplatz 4
8020 Graz

Phone: +43 (0) 316 77 10 74


The software development company CodeFlügel is based in Graz and consists of developers, programmers, creative thinkers and innovators. Especially with their augmented reality and virtual reality applications, CodeFlügel gives new life to printed materials and augments the reality of their users. Further, the focus of development are mobile apps, web applications, online shops and individual software. The aim to provide the highest quality and usability drives their each and every project.

Whether you want to make an impression at a trade show with augmented reality and interactively visualize large Products, are looking for a multi-platform solution for your production or sales activities, or want to breathe new life into your marketing materials – CodeFlügel is your reliable partner.