Kokkolastraße 5
40882 Ratingen

Phone: +49 2102-12480


Prosegur is a market leader in global security services. In Germany the service includes secure cash and valuable logistics, cash management and retail back office solutions. Tailor-made cash management concepts are helping to optimize costs and increase efficiency.

A specific software enables customers to monitor their cash flow at any time. As the only provider of the sector, Prosegur has got a Germany-wide network with 31 branches and more than 4.000 employees and can therefore ensure service throughout the whole territory.

In addition, Prosegur offers integrated security solutions, designed to protecting people and property. The company is a certified installation company for security technologies such as anti-intrusion and fire protection systems and access solutions. Thanks to the own Alarms Reception Centre, Prosegur is available to its customers 24 hrs.