Bubbles Online Services Ltd.

Post House, 15B High Street, Alton
GU34 1AW Hampshire

Phone: +44 8452 996 399

E-Mail: jisp@jisp.com
Internet: www.jisp.com

jisp could be the saviour of the High Street, why don't you visit us and find out why we think this. jisp digitises in-store products so shoppers can access information & pay for products simply by tapping or picking the item up. Our tap&go feature provides the ultimate in shopping convenience, is 3x faster than scanning, offers our unique pay-anywhere feature and for customers who aren't sure about a product Jisp facilitates purchases even after the shopper has left the store. For the first time, grocery, pharmacy, fashion, gift, electrical and hardware, in fact all high street retailers, can now connect & engage with shoppers providing all the benefits and advantages of online shopping but in-store. Simply put, jisp will increase in-store conversions, reduce costs & reward loyalty whilst delivering more sales for less cost.