Individual Product Solutions GmbH


Individual Product Solutions GmbH

Henschelring 4
85551 Kirchheim bei München

Phone: +49 89 57 85 08 38


Founding Year: 2020
Number of Employees: 1-10

who are we:
We are a young company from Munich and already work internationally for well-known customers. Our core business includes the development and implementation of high quality and sustainable products for the point of sale. For an appealing and sales-promoting presentation at the point of sales, the production of goods carriers, sales displays and product displays is one of our specialties. Due to our innovative production, there are many options in terms of shape and color.

our philosophy:
We have set ourselves the goal of creating advertising and exhibition solutions that are unique and at the same time promote sales. It is important to us to support companies in acting sustainably.
Our entire team works every day to use our product solutions to make single-use products disappear from the scene. With a lot of passion and inventiveness and in close coordination with our clients, we always find the right solution.
We firmly believe that the entire point of sale can be designed to be sustainable without losing the focus on sales promotion.

sustainable - the material of IPS
We produce almost exclusively with polypropylene
-100% recyclable
- Low emission manufacturing
- Low water production
- Water repellent
- Shockproof & resilient
- Long life span
- Without harmful plasticizers