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20097 Hamburg

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Mood Media Corporation is the global leader in the creation of customer experience solutions at the point of sale. Mood Media creates the emotional connection between brands and customers by optimally combining image, sound, fragrance, social and system solutions in order to put the customers in the store in the right mood. Mood Media's concepts reach over 150 million consumers daily in more than 560,000 stores in over 100 countries worldwide.

Internationally, the single-source provider manages more than 450 top brands, including a large number in Germany and more than 20,000 stores and national branches in the retail, fashion, food, drugstore, furniture, DIY, hotel, catering, wellness, automotive and financial services sectors etc. Mood Media GmbH is located in Hamburg.

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Thumbnail-Photo: Mood Media launches hospitality trend book
22.11.2019   #trend research #personalization

Mood Media launches hospitality trend book

Four key trends highlighted: immersion, community, customization und convenience

Mood Media, the world’s leading in-store media solutions company dedicated to elevating the Customer Experience, launches its second trend book, exploring the ever-changing nature of customer experience in the hospitality sector looking at ...

Thumbnail-Photo: New Sales Director at Mood Media
29.06.2018   #customer satisfaction #marketing

New Sales Director at Mood Media

Heike Fortmann-Weyers has been appointed as the new Sales Director

Fortmann-Weyers reports directly to Linda Ralph, VP of International Business Development at Mood Media, the leading international provider of in-store media. For more than eight decades, the company has been improving the customer experience at the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Music strengthens trust and reliability
19.10.2017   #customer satisfaction #customer relationship management

Music strengthens trust and reliability

Mood Media's before-and-after comparison shows the positive impact of music on the customer experience

Even branches away from the classical retail trade can have a positive effect on customers with the right music concept in their sales points. This is the result of a qualitative and quantitative study by Mood Media, the internationally leading ...

Thumbnail-Photo: See it, feel it, get it: German consumers have no patience whilst...
20.06.2017   #sales promotion #multisensual marketing

See it, feel it, get it: German consumers have no patience whilst shopping

Mood Media Launches New Global Study “The State of Brick & Mortar: 2017” 11,000+ consumers surveyed

German consumers would prefer to have whatever item it is they are buying in their hands immediately. Nearly three-quarters of all those surveyed (72 percent) prefer to shop in physical stores as opposed to online shopping because this way they can ...

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