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Benefits of Self-Service Payment Solutions & How They Can Help Improve Customer Experience

They can also offer convenience, flexibility and some greatly needed assistance in relieving queues.

Self-service checkouts are now commonplace – we see them almost everyday in grocery stores, take-out restaurants and even at entertainment venues like cinemas and theme parks. Not only do self-service checkouts provide an option for those who wish to keep their distance from interpersonal interactions – they can also offer convenience, flexibility and some greatly needed assistance in relieving queues.

Limiting physical contact

In today’s world, not just because of covid, some people prefer to limit physical contact with others, especially with staff they may not know at a grocery store or cinema who have been interacting with hundreds of different people a day. Self-checkouts provide these customers with a payment option that puts their mind at ease. There is no need for the customer to interact with any staff at all, they can just use the checkout kiosk, take their receipt and be on their way. Businesses who wish to give customers even more assurance can also inform customers with signage that these self-checkouts are thoroughly cleaned at various points throughout the day. Providing hand sanitiser stations after each self-checkout is a great way to help customers feel safe too.

Providing customers with flexibility

Even if physical contact is not a concern of the customer – time and convenience may be. Sometimes self-checkouts are faster and simply more convenient for the customer. Perhaps there are longer lines at the staffed checkouts or customers simply prefer to checkout themselves. Sometimes it is also the customer preference that there is simply another payment option for them other than traditional check-out processes. By providing customers with the self-checkout option you can give them the flexibility to do business with you how they like.

Alleviating queues

As mentioned previously – sometimes the self-checkout lines are shorter than the staffed checkouts which can persuade people in a rush to move from the staffed queue to the self-checkout queue. This can help relieve the pressure from the staffed queues and the staff themselves, especially during busier times. Additionally, by diverting customers to the self-checkout queues, staff are free to help customers who perhaps have more specific needs or concerns. Easily integrated around existing POS systems When integrating self-service checkouts into existing POS systems some technical concerns are inevitably brought to light. However, majority of integrations like this are actually rather simple. More often than not you can use the same software and scanners as the ones at your staffed checkouts. However, when it comes to the receipt printer, you may want to opt for one that can be mounted into the kiosk, rather than just sitting on the side. This will prevent accidental damage or misuse by customers.

Providing printed receipts

Whatever the reason is for offering self-checkouts as a payment option, printed receipts are always essential. By offering self-checkouts customers can take their own receipts, limiting physical interaction. Not only this but the customer can check that they have paid the correct amount for the correct items, they can also receive warranties and ensure the correct tax is paid.

We have a range of POS printers that are suitable for integrating into self-service kiosks. Our CT-E351 and CT-E651 POS printers are ideal for the job – thanks to their compact size, front exit mechanism and flexible interface options.

Alternatively, we also have a range of kiosk printers that are designed specifically for kiosk systems, like our PMU3300. Compact, tough and vandal proof it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor self-service booths.


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