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DSM brings industrial display systems with new processor

Intel Core of the 2nd generation is integrated

The display systems are designed for use in harsh environmental conditions....
The display systems are designed for use in harsh environmental conditions. Displays with an intelligent heating for applications at temperatures as low as -20° C are possible on request.
Source: DSM Computer

DSM Computer's new large-area ABLE industrial display systems offer increased dust protection and are protected against spray water in accordance with the IP44 degree of protection. For deployment in public buildings, a fire-load calculation is also available for the industrial display systems. The robust displays are currently available in three variants with screen diagonal sizes of 140 cm (55 inch), 119 cm (47 inch) and 107 cm (42 inch).

The high-quality display systems are controlled with an integrated industrial mini-ITX board based on the high-performance Intel Core i5-2510E processor of the second generation with two CPU cores (2.5 GHz). Optionally, models can also be supplied with an Intel Core processor i3-2330E with 2.2 GHz clock rate.

Graphics in FullHD resolution

The Intel HD3000 graphic chip implemented in the processor supports full-HD resolution. The Intel QM67 is used as chip set. The fast DDR3 RAM main memory can be expanded to a maximum capacity of 8 GB.

Clear images even in direct sunlight

The professional TFT monitors have an anti-reflection screen made of laminated safety glass. The high brightness (up to 700 cd/m²; typical, in front of the filter) of the full-HD conform display systems makes them suitable for deployment under daylight conditions. On request, variants with sunlight-conform panels are also available. The large viewing angle is 176 degrees; depending on the model, the maximum contrast is as high as 6000:1. A removable filter cartridge reduces the maintenance requirements on the display systems and makes them easy to service.

Robust systems made in Germany

The display systems are designed for use in harsh environmental conditions and are installed in an anthracite-colored industrial housing (a V2A stainless-steel housing is also available on request). Alternatively, a fan-free housing and a customer-specific color can also be chosen. Display systems with an intelligent heating for applications at temperatures as low as -20° C are possible on request. The robust ABLE displays are designed for 24/7 operation and impress with their long service life. All installed components have long-term availability. DSM Computer ensures high quality by completely manufacturing the systems itself at its Munich-Lochhausen factory.

Internal hard disk and a multitude of slots

In addition to the HDMI, DVI-I, DVI-D display interfaces for the connection of a second monitor (e.g. an identically-designed ABLE industry display without IPC), the display systems provide eight USB 2.0 (four external, four internal) and two external USB 3.0 ports. The four serial connections (three RS232, one RS232/422/485) are augmented with internal Serial ATA slots for two SATA III and four SATA II devices. In addition to two Gbit LAN sockets, Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n is supported on request. Furthermore, an internal Mini PCI Express x1 slot is provided for short modules. As standard, the displays are supplied with a 250 GB SATA II hard disk, and optionally with a 40 GB 2.5 inch SATA II 300 SSD (Solid State Drive).

Suitable for a lot of different applications

The fields of application for the large-area industry displays range from the process visualization in factories through to the sophisticated industrial automation. They can also be used for digital-signage applications, video conference systems, information and advertising displays.


DSM Computer

Am Loferfeld 50-54
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