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I got it! Fitting room experience

I got it! Fitting room experience
Source: OneView Commerce

OneView Commerce announced the release of I Got It!, the first interactive fitting room application that empowers customers to shop from the privacy and convenience of their own dressing room.

Shoppers can communicate with sales staff, browse styles, receive product recommendations, request merchandise, browse both online and in-store products, add to their basket, and request check out—all from a tablet mounted in their fitting room.

The solution is the first offering originated under OneView’s YoungView program that provides opportunities for the next generation of potential entrepreneurs with transformative concepts to partner with OneView to bring their ideas to life. The program focuses on offering support to creative young leaders with the development of products that bring next generation vision into today’s enterprise solutions, and ultimately shape the future of retail.

“According to industry statistics, people who use a fitting room and have timely help from a salesperson buy nearly four times more product than those who don’t. Yet 97 percent of customers re-dress and leave the store due to not having the correct size or color available in the room, making fitting room service a critical hurdle to maximizing conversion,” said Linda Palanza, COO at OneView Commerce. “I Got It! is a natural extension of OneView’s Digital Store Platform, expanding its capabilities of multi-directional content delivery, analytics, and a common enterprise platform by further engaging and servicing the customer in the store. The wealth of information that can be captured by this solution will have a profound affect throughout the supply chain in the upcoming years.”

I Got It!, powered by OneView Commerce Digital Store Platform and fully integrated with OneView commerce partner hybris, now stacks the deck in the retailer’s favor with continuous, interactive fitting room service from the customer’s entry into the room through one-click checkout upon their exit.

Attendants scan items via a mobile device as they are brought into the fitting room, which populates a mounted customer-facing interactive display. The customer taps on items to request new sizes, colors or alternate items. Sales associates have a consolidated dashboard view of all rooms, enabling a team of associates to act as runners and efficiently deliver improved and expanded service to a broader range of customers.

By combining the solution with the other connectors on the Digital Store Platform, cross-sell and up-sell suggestions are displayed and updated based on the contents of the customer’s fitting room. The customer can then request these items by tapping the screen, instantly alerting the store associate on their device. Customers can build a basket of items for purchase and, once ready, can initiate checkout via OneView Commerce | Store, pushing basket information to the register for one-click pay.

The associate then releases items not purchased, creating an audit trail for improved loss prevention as well as key data on customer behavior and product conversion that can be leveraged to improve sales operations across all channels. I Got It! marks a key extension to OneView’s digital store platform which focuses on the empowerment of the store as the hub of content and interaction to support continuous engagement across the customer journey.

Source: OneView Commerce

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