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Messe Düsseldorf commissions world’s largest free-standing video wall

Messe Düsseldorf commissions world’s largest free-standing video wall...
Source: Messe Düsseldorf

Since April Messe Düsseldorf can boast a genuine “world first”: The largest, free-standing video wall in the world. While there are numerous examples of bigger video walls none are designed to be stand-alone and none ensure such high image quality.

No wonder, the technical features of the Düsseldorf video wall are impressive: at almost seven metres high it boasts a resolution of 2160 x 5760 pixels, i.e. it has more than 12 million pixels. The structure weighs in at as many as 2.5 tons, of which one third alone is accounted for by the free-standing support structure. Installation of the wall took 6 days and 4 people.

This record-breaking video wall makes it possible for Messe Düsseldorf to give its visitors guidance and information in top quality at the central contact point in the concourse of Entrance Nord/North. “We succeed in doing this a lot better with this video wall than with the previously used static information walls. Now we can optimally leverage moving images and dynamic content such as news or Twitter feeds,” delights Bernhard Wagner, Head of Marketing Services at Messe Düsseldorf.

And one record rarely comes alone: To ensure the new video wall is always supplied with fresh content from the WWW, EuroCIS exhibitor dimedis has implemented the world’s largest browser window on site. All in all, 24 46” NEC displays were incorporated by subcontractor InoNet Computer. The biggest challenge here was sufficient static ventilation of all the screens that InoNet controls with its Magnius® Video Wall Controller.

In terms of software the wall’s masterminds relied on “kompas” made by dimedis, thereby ensuring perfect display and timing for the site plan, Twitter wall, videos and news feed. “Apart from the sheer size and number of displays the major challenge for us as a software partner was to transfer the content to the digital interface in a simple, reliable and appealing way,” explains Patrick Schröder, Division Manager of Digital Signage at dimedis.

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