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Visual sales promotion at the service counter: METTLER TOLEDO presents new application Fresh Promoter

It will whet your appetite! Fresh Promoter sets the stage well for your fresh...
It will whet your appetite! Fresh Promoter sets the stage well for your fresh produce range!

Triggering emotions, strengthening brands, increasing profits: METTLER TOLEDO is presenting the Fresh Promoter for the first time at the EuroCIS 2010 (Hall 14, B 67). The web-based application complements the touch-screen scales of the UC3-Line with a marketing tool for visual sales promotion at the service counter that is both efficient and easy to use.

The Fresh Promoter makes it possible for food retailers to capture the customers´ attention with brands and prod-ucts in the right place, where consumers often spontaneously decide what to buy: directly at the service counter, the Point of Sale (PoS).

Visual sales promotion made easy

“Fresh Promoter transforms UC3-Line touch-screen scales into real sales talents”, says Julia Obstfelder, METTLER TOLEDO Head of Marketing Retail Central Europe. Fresh Promoter achieves this by using texts and images as well as animations and videos on the customer side of the double-sided displays of the UC3-Line scales. One of the particular advantages of the Fresh Promoter is how easily marketing and advertising staff can use the application to design, schedule and distribute effective campaigns for sales promotion at the fresh-foods counter. The user interface impresses with its modern design and intuitive handling, making it extremely easy for users to compile campaigns without extensive training. “The media editor of the Fresh Promoter provides a wide range of tools and functions with which advertising screens and campaigns can be compiled quickly and conveniently”, says Markus Dohl, METTLER TOLEDO Product Manager Applica-tions.

Creating the impulse to buy – systematically!

Text inserts, tickers with up to date offers and slide shows: the media editor makes it possible to compile campaigns in no time at all. Content can be organised clearly, is instantly accessible at all times – and can be changed quickly in the media editor if necessary. With the help of drag and drop, the sequence of recordings on the display is put together in clearly laid out playlists, just as easily as your favourite songs on your MP3 player or mobile”, says Julia Obstfelder. In such playlists, all kinds of media content can be combined, meaning: the se-quence in which texts, images and animations are loaded onto the scales can be chosen freely. Particularly impor-tant for addressing the customer directly: the playlists can be categorised according to weighing groups such as fish, deli and meat counter and combined with differing re-gional information  – the latter being particularly impor-tant for local campaigns promoting regional products. “Fresh Promoter makes controlling visual sales promotion on the display of the scales extremely flexible – regardless of whether it it is supposed to complement a current print campaign, present cross-selling promotions or boost the sales of a product close to its date of expiry with a spontaneous promotional price offer.”

Scaleable for any infrastructure

Fresh Promoter can be integrated directly into existing IT infrastructures and stands out because of its excellent scalability and flexible solution. Retail chains can upload and and manage the content on their own content server, grant their marketing department or advertising agency access to it and manage the recordings in their subsidiar-ies from any computer online. Scales as a new, efficient instrument in the in-store marketing mix can therefore be optimally integrated into the process of steering market-ing and advertising.

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