Company News • 04.02.2011

Bosch guarantees safety and security at Oberstdorf ski jump

Comprehensive concept against fire, intrusion and vandalism

Bosch Security Systems has developed and implemented a comprehensive security concept for the Heini Klopfer ski jump in Oberstdorf, Germany. The concept comprises protection against fire, intrusion detection technology and video surveillance at the ski jump itself as well as in the mountain and valley stations of its chair lift. Reaching a height of 207 meters, the Heini Klopfer ski jump is one of the six largest in the world. It is architecturally unique and represents an extraordinary structural feat, since it is anchored into the mountain at the height of the takeoff platform only using rock bolts.

Special requirements for cableways
Certain factors have to be taken into consideration when it comes to fire protection for cableway systems. In the event of a fire here, the most important issue is maintaining the functionality of the cable, motor and brakes in order to ensure the controlled evacuation of passengers. In addition, the extinguishing process in the valley and mountain stations is hampered by the difficulty of accessing the area and the limited availability of water. The new fire protection concept takes all these problems into account and complies fully with the fire protection guidelines for cableways provided by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology.

At the ski jump itself and in the mountain and valley stations, fire detectors from the 420 series from Bosch were installed, which are connected to the control panel via the cableway’s existing control wires using two-wire converters. The intrusion detection system’s dual-technology motion detectors are also connected to this NZ 300 LSN universal control panel, so that the operator has an integrated and easy-to-use system. An ISDN module integrated into the control panel enables the remote transmission of alarms to the operator as well as the parameterization of the system remotely.

The fire and intrusion detection system is complemented by a system for video surveillance with cameras in the mountain and valley stations as well as on the ski jump itself. One camera surveys the cash register area in the valley station in particular, and helps to protect employees who are changing money at the tills as well as providing a more complete record in the event of burglary or vandalism. The camera images are recorded centrally on a Divar MR digital video recorder. These images, too, are transmitted via the cableway’s control wires, so that no additional infrastructure had to be created.

The safety of passengers, operators and third parties is comprehensively ensured thanks to the solution put in place. The fire concept guarantees the safe and early recognition of a fire and plays an essential role in preventing the destruction of components with crucial functions in the cableway.

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