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Keep your POS and label printers free of germs and viruses

After rigorous testing – Citizen Systems announce that their printers are disinfectant ready

Considering the current pandemic and the spread of the coronavirus, sanitation and cleanliness are now more important than ever. In order to stunt the spread of illness, countries all over the world have adopted hygienic concepts, specifically designed to keep germs and viruses at bay. 

Now you can feel reassured that your printing station can be kept clean as global specialist printer manufacturer, Citizen Systems, announces that many of their printers are disinfectant-ready. Composed of industry favourites, the range includes a spread of both label and POS printers that have been designed to withstand the harsh chemicals of cleaning products that are used to rid surfaces of germs and viruses. 

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Jӧrk Schüßler, Marketing Director EMEA at Citizen Systems Europe, said: “Citizen prides itself on its strength in the print market and adding disinfectant-ready printers to our already large range only reinforces this. It is important that end users feel confident in our product and by offering a disinfectant-ready solution, we are helping them make their work environment a more sanitary and safe place for them and their customers.”

Keeping working environments clean and sanitary has always been a top priority for businesses especially when there is a lot of interaction amongst staff and customers such as in retail, healthcare and hospitality landscapes. Thanks to rigorous testing, Citizen Systems’ disinfectant-ready printers are perfect for such environments and fit into any hygiene concept and cleaning procedure. All the disinfectant-ready printers feature simple flat designs – making it quick and easy to keep them clean. Simply spray your cleaning agent of choice onto a clean, soft cloth and wipe down the printer’s surface area. 

At the moment, many retail and hospitality venues are closed due to contagion concerns, so there is no better time than now to prepare for when they inevitable reopen for good. However, when they do, strict hygiene concepts and procedures will be in place that businesses will need to adhere to. Therefore by upgrading to a disinfectant-ready printer now there will be no need to worry about printing hardware not being up to standard. 

Recognising that it is important for customers to have a wide selection of disinfectant ready printing solutions to choose from, Citizen Systems has made sure that the range is complete with their best-selling and most reputable POS and label printers. However, it is also worth noting that customer who has already purchased a model named below will already be able to reap the benefits of a disinfectant ready printing solution. 

Included in the disinfectant ready range are Citizen Systems’ latest POS printers – the CT-S751, CT-E651 and CT-E351, all of which feature modern aesthetics, fast print speeds and user-friendly designs. The well renowned CT-S310II, CT-S601II range and CT-S801II range are also included in the POS line up. For label, the range features the latest line of CL-E300 label printers which are compact, cost-effective and come in two print resolutions as well as various interfaces for ultimate flexibility. Finally, completing the range is the CT-S4500, which can print both 4-inch receipts and labels – perfect for when multiple printing tasks need to be completed.  

Citizen Systems has rigorously tested their disinfectant ready printer range which can be cleaned with products containing ethanol, IPA (Isopropyl alcohol), oxydol and sodium hypochlorite solution. All of which are commonly used in various cleaning and disinfectant products. However, not all concentrations of these chemicals are compatible with cleaning the disinfectant-ready printers and diligent care should be taken when choosing the most suitable cleaning agent for your Citizen Systems printer. 

Jӧrk Schüßler, Marketing Director EMEA at Citizen Systems Europe, said: “Citizen prides itself on its strength in the print market and adding disinfectant-ready printers to our already large range only reinforces this. It is important that end users feel confident in our product and by offering a disinfectant-ready solution, we are helping them make their work environment a more sanitary and safe place for them and their customers.”

Visit the Citizen Systems website to learn more about the clean and care instructions for the disinfectant ready range.

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