Product • 23.04.2015

Pre-launch of 2nd generation RFID handheld for retail applications

!D Hand 2 mit Ladestation
!D Hand 2 mit Ladestation
Source: Nedap Deutschland GmbH

Nedap has pre-launched its second generation RAIN RFID handheld reader, the !D Hand 2, at the RFID Journal LIVE congress in San Diego (15-17 April 2015).

Building upon the successful first generation, introduced in 2012, the !D Hand 2 is specifically designed for RFID applications in retail stores like cycle counts, goods receiving and tag commissioning. The reader’s higher output power, higher tag throughput and improved antenna result in a significantly better performance. The official launch of the !D Hand 2 is scheduled for October 2015.

One-button operation

The handheld reader features one-button operation and can easily be connected to Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices. As a result, users do not need extensive training as they are fully supported by the device itself and the directions given in a dedicated app on their mobile device. This simplicity makes the in-store use of RFID more accessible and more scalable, because any store employee can instantly work with the technology.

Lightweight design

Weighing less than 9 oz, the !D Hand 2 is a lightweight RFID handheld device that offers superior ergonomics. The lightweight design was chosen to ensure that the wrists of the user are not overstressed. This is especially important during longer tasks like a cycle count of an entire store or stock room.

Wireless charging

The !D Hand 2 features Qi wireless charging with a docking station. Because the docking station is mounted on a fixed location like a table or a wall, the !D Hand is available for the staff member that is assigned to perform a certain task. The store employee can simply take the !D Hand, pair it with his Bluetooth-enabled mobile device and start the task.

Global RFID solutions

The !D Hand 2 meets the needs of global retail organizations through its GS1’s EPC Gen2 and worldwide frequency regulation support. From October 2015 onwards, Nedap also offers a software development kit for iOS en Android. The !D Hand 2 is part of Nedap’s RFID reader portfolio, which have already been installed in more than 1500 retail stores worldwide and integrated into full-scale RFID solutions by a range of system integrators.

Source​: Nedap Deutschland GmbH

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