Company News • 03.11.2020

Pricing with agility at Conrad Electronic

Managing flexible prices with digital shelf label technology

As one of the leading European distributors of electronics and technology, it is important for Conrad Electronic to show the right price at the right time. The retailer has therefore implemented Delfi Technologies’ automatic pricing solution with high-speed electronic shelf labels (ESL) to ensure price accuracy.

The wrong price can be costly. Operating in an omni-channel world it is therefore crucial for Conrad Electronic, a German-based multi-channel retailer of electronics and technology, to know that the prices are correct throughout the store. To easily align prices across channels, Conrad has implemented Breece System, a cloud-based ESL solution from Delfi Technologies, in their new B2B shop in Hürth.

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With Breece System and the high-speed ESL solution, Conrad can bring the physical store into the digital world with the ability to manage pricing with agility and update product information throughout the store – in just a few seconds.

In this way, Conrad can create a seamless customer experience across different channels with the ability to synchronize products and prices with their online store.

Plug & play solution – easy to install

With a cloud-based platform, the Breece ESL solution is both easily and quickly installed. After a few steps, the store is ready to go with a digital solution to manage daily pricing and product information.

The only thing required for the store is to connect a wireless antenna (Dynamic Communicator) to handle the 2-way communication between Conrad’s POS system and the ESLs. Once connected, the prices are updated digitally and automatically directly from the POS system. All manual work with price changes is therefore eliminated.

The Conrad store can use a mobile device once new products must be linked to new displays or when products must be deleted from the system. This can be done directly at the shelf with a user-friendly app (Breece Mobile Assist). The mobile app simply lets the staff manage the solution directly at the shelf instead of from at PC at the back office.

“All the work with linking and unlinking products can be managed at the shelf, during the opening hours. Adding new products to ESLs takes place in a few seconds as well as unlinking products. In this way, it is very easy and flexible to work with products and swap around locations where a new price tag must be added to the system,” says Sebastian Meier.

Easier administration compared to other ESL solutions

Throughout the Conrad B2B store in Hürth, there has been installed 11,200 displays to cover the large selection of electronics products. The light infrastructure provides a simple installation process and daily use. Conrad also has experience with other ESL systems. But according to Sebastian Meier, there is a major benefit of using the Breece ESL cloud solution compared to other providers: “Compared to other ESL solutions in the market, we experience a much more flexible and user oriented platform with Delfi Technologies’ Breece Cloud solution. One of the biggest arguments for choosing Delfi Technologies, is the stability of the cloud solution, the flexibility, and the easy handling of displays in the store,” says Sebastian Meier.

A goods shelf in a consumer electronics store with electronic price tags...
Source: Delfi Technologies

Many benefits of electronic shelf labels

According to Conrad, the ability to change prices and promos on any shelf, anywhere in seconds, is one of the major benefits with the ESL solution from Delfi Technologies. Sebastian Meier also mentions the following benefits:

  • Implement faster price changes
  • Ensure price accuracy
  • Save time and reduce labor cots
  • Better omni-channel experience

About Conrad

Conrad was founded in 1923 and has been family-run for four generations. In 1946, the company moved its headquarters from Berlin to Hirschau where they are still based today. Starting out as a small mail-order business for electronic components, Conrad is now one of Europe's leading multi-channel retailers of electronics and technology.

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