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Knowing customers better than ever before

höltl Retail Solutions has expanded the functional range of its CRM software

Knowing customers better than ever before
Source: höltl Retail Solutions

With its measures in customer retention, höltl Retail Solutions wants to allow the non-food retail to advance decisively. On this background, the system integrator from Bad Hersfeld presents its new, innovative tools within the ContactFlow software at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair EuroCIS (24th to 26th February 2015).

It is a proven and very easy to use solution for Consumer Relationship Management (CRM), which was upgraded significantly with a tool for shopping cart analysis. “We have thus brought new options to the non-food retail, which we as a leading innovator have already tried and tested in the food retail”, says höltl’s Managing Director Johannes Schick.

The data to be analyzed is available anyway from the merchandise management system and the POS. In essence, ContactFlow answers this question: Which goods were sold in combination with other articles. Hence the system identifies item bundles such as shirt and tie, boots and handbag etc. as to their purchasing frequency. In other words, revealing combinations usually missed by a cursory inspection at the “use logic” alone.

Optimal area division, successful campaigns

These shopping cart analyses can be carried out at brand level as well. The advantages are obvious: On the one hand, the placing of the goods categories in the salesroom can be optimized using these findings. On the other hand, campaigns become more successful and more efficient because losses are minimized. 

ContactFlow ensures that your address list is free of duplicates. Customer data is thus kept up to date, preventing unnecessary expenses such as postage. The customer characteristics can be freely defined and applied. Selections can thus be created, for example, according to new customers, repeat customers, “lost friends” or customers in relation the sales or product groups sizes and so on. ContactFlow also lets you easily manage loyalty programmes such as reward or bonus points.

Source: höltl Retail Solutions

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