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GBGroup and payleven extend partnership

Enabling international mobile payments

GBGroup is working with payleven to deliver solutions that enable global online...
GBGroup is working with payleven to deliver solutions that enable global online business.
Source: payleven

GBGroup, the global leader in identity intelligence, is working with payleven, one of Europe’s leading mobile card payments solutions, to facilitate mobile payments internationally. payleven is using GBGroup’s award-winning ID Verification solution, ID3global, to onboard customers quickly, safely and securely whilst ensuring they stay compliant.

payleven was the first company to bring the mobile Chip & PIN card reader to Europe, allowing customers to accept card payments on the go. The solution helped set new security standards, which are crucial for small merchants such as market traders and taxi drivers. In many places, this is now considered the market standard, and payleven is looking to drive the technology further across its multiple European markets.

Andreas Farina Vaz, ‎VP & Global Head of Risk and Compliance & MLRO at payleven, comments, “GBGroup’s vision to enable international online business across the globe perfectly complements our ambitious business strategy and we share their drive and enthusiasm for delivering innovative and ground breaking technology to make this happen.”

GBGroup’s ID3global platform allows payleven to electronically onboard and verify new merchants in seconds via an automated process. This removes the need for manual or paper-based verification methods, enabling payleven to expand in the eCommerce driven global market. This allows clients to improve operational efficiency and agility.

payleven’s relationship with GBGroup has been expanding exponentially for the last two years. The partnership has evolved in line with the growing mobile payments industry and has helped payleven increase scalability and move into new markets with ease. GBGroup is now working with payleven in ten European markets, whilst payleven is currently looking to South America for future growth.

Rachel Basinger, owner of OH NO Rachio! sells hand illustrated paper goods and luxury homeware. She has been a payleven merchant since 2013 and uses the service to take mobile payments at craft trade events. “payleven allows me to take card payments where other sellers traditionally only accept cash, giving my customers an easy and convenient method of payment,” said Rachel.

“I’ve found since accepting card payments at events my revenues have doubled, and I take as much in card payments as I do in cash.” she continued. “payleven has been fantastically supportive since I started, offering me un-paralleled and personalised after-care support. The verification process was incredibly quick and I was up and ready to take card payments in less than 24 hours. I’ve had friends who have had to wait seven days with competitor services, having to send verification documents in the post. payleven just made everything so easy and I was ready to go in a lightning flash.”

Glenn Porter, General Manager International Identity Verification, GBGroup adds, “It’s great to be working with payleven to deliver solutions that enable global online business. GBG’s identity verification software seamlessly validates more than four billion consumers across the globe. Our Matchcode and DecTech solutions also provide international data capture, validation and real-time credit checking whilst detecting and preventing transactional fraud. Working in 240 countries and territories, GBG’s technology provides identity intelligence that enables ecommerce organisations to trade internationally with confidence, ensuring the transactions being made are genuine and verified while remaining compliant.”

Source: GBGroup

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