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Refrigerator shelf TV revitalises the yoghurt section

The new ‘Shelf Vision’ refrigerator shelving units at real,- powered by PRESTIGEenterprise show dairy products in the right light

Shelf Vision in the real,- Future Store Tönisvorst....
Shelf Vision in the real,- Future Store Tönisvorst.
Source: Online Software AG

These days, billboards with powerful signals and highly effective moving images on big screens increase sales success at the POS. But modern advertising measures have not yet conquered every area of the supermarket. The presentation of dairy products especially has been neglected for a long time.

That is why an innovative refrigerator shelving unit has been developed for real,- that puts dairy products in the right light. Instead of conventional shelving with paper labels, electronic shelf strips have been installed with liquid crystal displays (LCDs), which are brought to life by Online Software AG’s PRESTIGEenterprise software with colourful images, videos and animations. Online Software AG is the market leader in the field of professional branch advertising and software partners in the ‘Shelf Vision’ project.

Adress customers emotionally

The ‘Shelf Vision’ refrigerator shelving unit consists of several large screens that make it possible to lead the customer clearly through the dairy section and structure the whole unit into product segments. To address customers emotively, modern LCDs are also installed to replace the classic price labels. The relevant content can easily be put together in the form of a programmed timetable with the help of the PRESTIGEenterprise software. As well as presenting text-based advertising modules, it is also possible to play advertisements or animations to address customers successfully and draw their attention to special offers, new products or price reductions in a targeted way.

Prices are updated automatically

In addition, all the LCDs can be controlled individually from a central location and supplied with different images, again increasing the effect of the advertising. Thanks to the centrally stored article information, prices are updated automatically, eliminating the need for the time consuming process of manually changing printed labels. The web-based software can be called up from anywhere. This makes it possible to easily check and change the advertising content on display from right in front of the unit, and to edit the display content from any location.

Great deal of popularity

The ‘Shelf Vision’ pilot project has been in operation in the real,- Future Store in Tönisvorst since December 2012 and has enjoyed a great deal of popularity. “Our customers find the new way the dairy products are presented very appealing, and are pleased with how much easier it is to find their way around,” explains real,- Managing Director Patrick Müller Sarmiento. Meanwhile, the refrigerator shelving unit has also had success internationally: in January 2013 it was presented in New York at America’s largest trade fair for retail technologies, the NRF (National Retail Federation), and acknowledged as a trendsetting project.

The innovative refrigerator shelving unit was developed in collaboration with real,- and the METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative, the industry partners Danone, Arla Foods, Ferrero and Unilever, as well as Maixsys and Online Software AG.

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