Company News • 27.04.2016

Starmount and Aurus provide omnichannel payment solution

Partnership provides a single solution for retailers to securely manage their payments process both in-store and online

Mobile devices can enable associates to provide a great experience anywhere in...
Mobile devices can enable associates to provide a great experience anywhere in the store.
Source: Starmount

Starmount has entered into a strategic partnership with Aurus to deliver a new service that will allow retail customers using Starmount solutions to implement an omnichannel payment solution to process both in-store and ecommerce transactions.

The emergence of unified commerce is creating a need for retailers to not only implement in-store mobile point of sale (POS) solutions, such as Starmount Engage, but also to facilitate the payments process while adhering to payment compliance and safety regulations across all channels.

Through this partnership with Aurus, retail customers using Starmount solutions will be able to incorporate payment as a service with their Starmount POS to securely manage their consumers’ payment processes separate from their POS transaction data.

Using a uniquely tailored API, the payment service allows retailers to seamlessly process a multitude of payments across channels including both physical and ecommerce platforms. Retailers are able to complete the payments process taking advantage of Aurus’ advanced technology features; these include single global tokenization across all channels for consumers who utilize the same card, cross-channel transaction feasibility, and acceptance of alternative tenders like PayPal across all channels, among others.

“Consumers do not think of shopping in terms of channels and this point of view also includes the world of payments,” said Mustafa Shehabi, Chief Business Development Officer, Aurus. “By implementing the new payment service into their overall software solution platform, retailers gain the ability to accept transactions through a multitude of channels while creating a holistic view of the consumer.”

For example, if a consumer uses a single payment type, such as a credit card, the payment service allows the retailer to identify the consumer moving from the web to the store and vice versa.

“Today’s retailers need the ability to be versatile when it comes to payments,” said Greg Davis, Vice President of Product Strategy, Starmount. “To effectively implement unified commerce as a retailer, you need payment capabilities that can be shared across channels. This new payment service will allow retailers to bring omnichannel payments into the world of unified commerce.”

Source: Starmount

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