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VCODisp transforms the checkout area into a comfort zone for customers

The VCODisp software supports the connection of an optional cus-tomer display,...
The VCODisp software supports the connection of an optional cus-tomer display, positioned wherever required. Thus the customers can keep an eye on the weighing information while packing their shopping or looking for change.

More space and better overview at the checkout: At the EuroCIS 2010 (Hall 14, B 67), METTLER TOLEDO is showing food re-tailers how to improve the overview and create space in the sensitive checkout area – creating the perfect shopping experience for for customers with VCODisp.

Many consumers are familiar with the situation: shopping may be relaxing, but when it comes to paying things get hectic: the person behind is hurrying you while the one in front is still busy packing their shopping. This makes it difficult for customers to keep an eye on the monitor of the cash register and the display of the scales.

More scope for design in the checkout zone

Retailers who weigh at the checkout can effectively coun-teract such disruptions with the Virtual Checkout Display VCODisp: this software tool enables you to display cash register information and weighing data on the checkout monitor as well as on separate displays on the scales. "This considerably expands the scope retailers have in designing the checkout area”, explains Julia Obstfelder, METTLER TOLEDO Head of Marketing Retail Region Central Europe. For example, the retailer can decide to do without a separate display for the scales in order to have more space available on the checkout band. He can also complement the display of the weighing information on the monitor of the cash register with an extra display at the end of the checkout band – where the customers pack their shopping. “Consequently, retailers are able to use the VCODisp in accordance with the space available to them in the checkout zone, minimising delays and distur-bances”, says Julia Obstfelder. “The customer is able to see the information on the scales at all times, while pack-ing their shopping or searching for change.”

Thank you for shopping with us!

VCODisp displays all weighing information from the scanner scales such as article text, net weight, tare as well as kilo-price and end-price of the weighed goods. The layout of the display, its position, font size, and colour can be chosen freely within legal regulations. This way, retail chains can adjust the colour and lettering of the dis-plays to meet their own design requirements. “Clear, easy-to-read displays invoke trust in the customer”, Julia Obstfelder emphasises. Thanks to the flexibility in design, VCODisp creates the opportunity adjust the display of the weighing information to particular customer needs. This means that it is not a problem to use larger lettering in supermarkets with a lot of elderly customers, enhancing customer loyalty through better service.”

Certified all over Europe

VCODisp was certified for the whole of Europe by the regulatory authority in the Netherlands, NMI in 2008. The legally required reset function can be carried out with the help of the reset button on the scanner or on a sepa-rate keypad. VCODisp is available as Windows or LINUX-based software and is suitable for all METTLER TOLEDO DIVA scanner scales. Already installed scales can be upgraded with a software update. VCODisp can be integrated into any ordinary cash register application.

Over 6,000 installations already

VCODisp has been tried and tested. METTLER TOLEDO has already equipped more than 6,000 Wincor Nixdorf checkout systems with VCODisp. The VCODisp customers include the REWE chain.

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