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Thumbnail-Photo: Air coolers – up to 80 bar as standard
05.03.2015   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Air coolers – up to 80 bar as standard

Innovations in the area of commercial refrigeration

The innovative GASC (Güntner Air cooler Slim Compact) and GACC (Güntner Air cooler Cubic Compact) air cooler series are among the new model ranges exhibited by Güntner at Chillventa under the motto: "Innovations for all ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Donation handover to McDonald’s Kinderhilfe...
15.12.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Donation handover to McDonald’s Kinderhilfe

The donation campaign for the McDonald's Kinderhilfe initiated by Roland Handschuh on the occasion of his farewell led to an amazing result. Tanja Forderer-Barlag, Director of the Ronald McDonald House in Munich at the German Heart Institute ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Investing to Save Money
01.11.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Investing to Save Money

Retail relies on comprehensive energy management and integrated systems

Increasing energy efficiency is and remains a major factor in retail. After all, you are not just able to save costs in this area, but also improve your image. Sustainability is very important to the modern consumer and no retailer can afford to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “A retail business should be understood like a living organism“...
01.11.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

“A retail business should be understood like a living organism“

Interview with Pablo Theux, Managing Director of KMLS GmbH

Four years ago, two bachelors of business management Pablo Theux and Alpaslan Yildirim decided to become service providers with the KMLS GmbH Company, specializing in technology and energy efficiency in retail. Back then, they already realized how ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Environmental management starts with investment and ends with the...
01.11.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

"Environmental management starts with investment and ends with the disassembly"

Interview with Agnes Schmitter, Director of Cooling Technology at ALDI SÜD

Recently, the ALDI SÜD group has equipped its 300th store with refrigeration systems for cooling racks that are run with the carbon neutral refrigerant CO2. Yet, this is only a portion of the provisions with which the grocery retailer increases ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Güntner Innovations at Chillventa
23.10.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Güntner Innovations at Chillventa

At the Chillventa trade fair show, the company Güntner again presented new and innovative products

All exhibited heat exchangers follow the motto “Innovations for all fluids”. This means that the new product generations are not only set up to fulfil all regulations that are valid as of next year; it also means that on the technical ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Güntner expands production facilities at several locations...
26.09.2014   #consulting #refrigeration technology

Güntner expands production facilities at several locations

The Güntner company is known for being locally present. This continuous contact with the market allows us to follow the requirements of the different market segments and to implement these requirements in innovative products. In order to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Güntner Group expanding
22.09.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Güntner Group expanding

With their consistent strategy of being close to the customer, the Güntner Group is able to identify market potentials and be actively involved in creating market developments. The Group address these challenges by consequently expanding their ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Güntner Group Highlights at Chillventa
20.09.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Güntner Group Highlights at Chillventa

The entire industry is working feverishly to get ready for one of its most important events: the Chillventa fair is just around the corner. We look forward to showing you our latest innovations from October 14 to 16. Together with our sister ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Fridgehub launches RACHP industry resource
18.03.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Fridgehub launches RACHP industry resource

Fridgehub - The online directory and information service for manufacturers, distributers, service providers, operators and consumers of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat-pump (RACHP) products and serviceshas launched their new industry ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Carrier’s MiniCO2OL Natural Refrigerant Range Includes Compact and...
16.02.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Carrier’s MiniCO2OL Natural Refrigerant Range Includes Compact and Integrated Systems

Carrier has unveiled two new versions of its MiniCO2OL range of refrigeration racks, one in compact and the second in an integrated configuration, to support the value-driven move toward natural refrigerants for small- to medium-sized supermarket. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Modern Cooling Technology and its Possibilities...
01.08.2013   #sustainability #climate systems

Modern Cooling Technology and its Possibilities

Retail wants to become more eco-friendly

The climate protection debate in retail is particularly determined by the buzzword ”sustainability“. Cutting costs and increasing cost effectiveness at the same time are also vitally important for successful management in the food trade. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: We can realize energy savings of up to 25 percent...
01.08.2013   #sustainability #climate systems

"We can realize energy savings of up to 25 percent"

Interveiw with Nicolas Réhault, Team Leader at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)

The energy-efficient store by discount grocer Aldi Süd in Rastatt, Germany, is said to only require two-thirds of the energy normally required for cooling, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. A new energy concept that includes ...

Thumbnail-Photo: „Today’s trend is clearly headed towards integrated technology“...
01.08.2013   #sustainability #climate systems

„Today’s trend is clearly headed towards integrated technology“

Interview with Nikolas Wagner, Director of Sales and Cooling Technology Retail Support with Carel

Cooling technology is still a major cost factor in food retail. Just in supermarkets alone, cooling systems are responsible for 40 to 60 percent of the power consumption. Nicolas Wagner, Director of Sales and Cooling Technology Retail Support with ...

14.05.2012   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

GEA lifted by demand from food process technology

GEA generated a 24.4 percent increase in its order intake to EUR 1,544.9 million in the first quarter of 2012. As in the previous quarters, this again represented a significant year-on-year increase. In line with this trend, consolidated revenue ...

30.03.2012   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Linde helps establish Kaistar's new LED plant with critical gas supply

New Xiamen ammonia plant secures major supply for one of China's fast-growing LED manufacturers

Linde LienHwa (LLH) China, The Linde Group's joint venture with the LienHwa MiTAC Group of Taiwan, has further strengthened its commitment to LED manufacturing with the announcement of an exclusive gas supply agreement with Kaistar, a joint venture ...

24.11.2011   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

TraxOn Oil Level Management

As of today Emerson Climate Technologies is the sole worldwide provider of TraxOn oil level management systems used in the refrigeration industry. Building further on its success with TraxOil products marketed in Europe, Emerson Climate Technologies ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Wordbock - The online dictionary for refrigeration industry...
22.11.2011   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Wordbock - The online dictionary for refrigeration industry

There are numerous tools for translation online, but especially when it comes to technical terms, you face a ton of suggestions without knowing what to choose. The long and tiring search for the correct term often leads to mistakes or an ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “An authentic design is crucial“
01.11.2011   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

“An authentic design is crucial“

Interview with Dr. Oliver Blank, Director of Marketing and International Sales at Aichinger

Aichinger in Wendelstein near Nuremberg views itself as Europe’s leading specialist in the area of food store furnishing concepts, shop fitting and professional kitchens. The group of companies annually carries out over 1,500 furnishing ...

26.05.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Connect through the cold chain with Memory 1000

To meet the requirements of the European regulations on food and safety, Eliwell has developed the new Memory 1000 line of multi-channel data loggers, and will be displaying the new product at this year’s IKK. The regulations, which require the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Eliwell RadioAdapter offers wireless connectivity for refrigeration and...
18.03.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Eliwell RadioAdapter offers wireless connectivity for refrigeration and air conditioning

If you’re looking for an end-to-end, cable-free control system then RadioAdapter is the answer. RadioAdapter is Eliwell’s cost-effective and comprehensive modular solution that delivers the essential flexibility needed in modern commercial ...

Thumbnail-Photo: TelevisNet - access to plants and interaction via the web...
17.03.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

TelevisNet - access to plants and interaction via the web

In the time it takes to travel from England to Egypt, Eliwell was able to install the TelevisNet monitoring system and a wireless communications network in a supermarket spanning 7000m2. Completed in just five hours, the pilot project, undertaken ...

Thumbnail-Photo: EWCM from Eliwell delivers high-performance management of compressor...
17.03.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

EWCM from Eliwell delivers high-performance management of compressor rooms

At Euroshop, Eliwell was unveiling its EWCM series of controllers specifically designed for managing compressors in refrigeration plants. Ideal for commercial refrigeration applications, EWCM controllers manage all the main functions of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Coldface - control and connectivity for cold rooms...
12.03.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Coldface - control and connectivity for cold rooms

Eliwell presents the complete Coldface range: control and connectivity for cold rooms

Where there is a need for cold rooms, there is a need for accurate temperature and humidity control in order to ensure the safety and quality of foodstuffs stored inside them. At EuroShop, Eliwell presented the complete Coldface range, which ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Engineering CO2OLtec™:  Experience-based Know How...
12.03.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Engineering CO2OLtec™: Experience-based Know How

Carrier’s innovative concept CO2OLtec™, which debuted at EuroShop 2005, offers welcome relief to food retailers concerned about global warming and the environment. Carrier Corp. is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX). Carrier’s ...

Thumbnail-Photo: VARIUS and VARIANDO the new generation of refrigerated serve over...
23.02.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

VARIUS and VARIANDO the new generation of refrigerated serve over counters

Rounded, freely suspended glass surfaces and high-quality fronts - the refrigerated serve over counters VARIUS and VARIANDO in Swing-Line design elegantly put products in the spotlight. The new design, with its extra-large display space and stacking ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Kühltechnik - VEXTRA
20.02.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration technology

Kühltechnik - VEXTRA

Cools fluids and generators or provides free cooling for commercial, industrial and healthcare applications. Designed for outdoor installation. May be used to replace a cooling tower. Description: 6 to 20 fans with airfoil-shaped casings made ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Econofrost energy-saving night covers
30.10.2007   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Econofrost energy-saving night covers

A unique reflective fabric was developed in Europe where it has now become the standard for energy-efficient night curtains in fresh food departments and has been installed in over 30 countries. Econofrost developed a simple concept that increases ...


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