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How Android is revolutionising the way we pay for things

Using a smartphone to pay will sooner or later be a part of everyday life; smartphones are already firmly anchored in the private and working lives of generations X, Y and Z.

As consumers rely more and more on smartphones and their countless uses in their day-to-day lives, businesses and service providers still have some way to go. And yet using smartphones could simplify the day-to-day reality of running a business in a quick and easy way. What does that mean for the “classic” payment terminal, and how do apps get there?

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The CCVStore on Smartphone, Tablet and PC
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The solution is a new, future-ready payment terminal with an Android operating system. The user interface and handling are already familiar to many people through their own smartphones. With CCV Android payment solutions, traders will have a terminal at their disposal capable of taking over the standard function of cashless payment, while also having countless other individual applications available for the user through the Android operating system.

With CCV Android payment solutions, traders will have a terminal at their disposal capable of taking over the standard function of cashless payment, while also having countless other individual applications available for the user through the Android operating system.

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CCV Mobile A920
Source: CCV

Android on a payment terminal – but Safety First!

In the payment sector, extra-secure, so-called “hardened” operating systems are used as derivatives of known smartphone operating systems. The CCV Android-based payment terminals are also accredited according to the latest standards and meet the highest security requirements. The Android operating system’s connection to the most up-to-date terminal is only as good as its back-office department – in this case, a specially developed B2B app store, the CCVStore: this B2B app store regulates and manages all apps for use in the Android-based payment terminal. Before an app may appear in the CCVStore, it must be put through our own tests and certifications, to receive a rating of “secure”. Via the CCVStore, apps can now, for example, easily be installed on the CCV Mobile A920 or the unattended self-service terminal CCV IM30. Possible examples for POS applications are bonus and loyalty systems, customer rating or teller solutions, but also supply maps or shift plans. There are no limits to the possible use cases.

A black rectangular box: the self-service terminal CCV IM 30...
The self-service terminal CCV IM 30; Source: CCV

App on the terminal – and more? CCVStore as a multi-client capable maintenance system

In the first instance, the responsibilities of installing and managing the apps belong to an app store. The CCVStore also contains many more functions, because in addition, it is a maintenance system for the Android-based terminal. The administrator (e.g. a client with its own admin rights) of the store will see on the dashboard which terminals are active, which require updates and whether problems are arising at a terminal, and can initiate updates in real time or proactively develop approaches to solutions. The browser-based CCVStore is clearly structured with a simple and intuitive user interface and is hosted in Germany.

Learn more about the payment revolution and get to know the future-ready Android terminal and the CCVStore. We will be at CCV Deutschland at EuroShop 2020 – Hangar 6 – Stand G23. We look forward to seeing you using our services.

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