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Black Friday 2015 and Holiday Shopping Survey

A few key points from the survey released by

Black Friday 2015 and Holiday Shopping Survey

With the 2015 Black Friday and holiday season rapidly approaching,, a deal tracking website focused on analyzing holiday sales, has released its annual survey report made up of 1,140 participants who plan on shopping this year. While 47 percent of participants believe that stores should be closed on Thanksgiving, 33 percent will still shop in-stores or online.

Here are a few key points from the survey:

Estimated Black Friday Spending:

  • 32 percent plan on spending $501 or more (53 percent men, 47 percent women)
  • 38 percent plan on spending $1-$250 (45 percent men, 55 percent women)
  • The 35+ group will spend more than the 18-24 group


  • Of the 34 percent who believe stores should open on Thanksgiving, 57 percent are men and 53 percent are in the 18-24 group
  • 68 percent of participants will begin their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving
  • Only 16 percent believe Thanksgiving has better deals than Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Black Friday:

  • Only 29 percent believe Black Friday has the best deals of the season
  • 79 percent dislike the Black Friday research and shopping process
  • 81 percent believe that Black Friday deals are not improving from year-to-year

Items by Interest:

  • 43 percent said Electronics
  • 26 percent said Apparel
  • 17 percent said Toys/Games
  • 6 percent said Appliances
  • 8 percent said Other

Holiday Season:

  • 94 percent believe they will make at least one in-store purchase this holiday season
  • 35 percent will use cash for in-store purchases. 39 percent will use debit cards and 23 percent credit cards.

Read the entire 2015 Black Friday and holiday survey.


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