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Mettler Toledo wins a red dot award

Counter scales come out top in design competition

Daniel Joha, head of Retail Marketing Management at METTLER TOLEDO (left) and...
Daniel Joha, head of Retail Marketing Management at METTLER TOLEDO (left) and Costas Medugorac, designer of the UC Evo Line, receive the red dot award
Source: Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo was awarded one of the coveted red dots for its UC-HTT-M touchscreen scales at this year’s award ceremony on 2 July 2012 in Essen. The jury awarded the prize for the scales’ successful design and high level of functionality.

The award ceremony was held partly in the Aalto Theatre and partly on the site of the former Zeche Zollverein coal mine in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Essen. A 30-member international jury previewed some 4,500 products from 58 countries. The UC-HTT-M counter scales came first in the category product design. Daniel Joha, head of Retail Marketing Management at Mettler Toledo , received the award on behalf of the company at the Designers’ Night celebrations in Essen.

Keeping pace with the times

“The award proves that good design is a successful combination of functionality and design, rather than simply a matter of taste, and our company is delighted to have won the red dot for its touchscreen scales” says Daniel Joha from Mettler Toledo . With its clean lines, compact housing, and use of high-quality materials, the scales from the UC Evo Line use international design trends to good effect and effortlessly join the ranks of the leading products that have won the red dot award.

Mark of quality

The purist design of the UC-HTT-M scales lends a modern and focused look to retailers’ counters. The scales’ 12.1-inch customer display with its slim design elegantly combines cutting-edge technology and applications for visual sales promotion at the point of sale. “Good design is a mark of quality. Our UC Evo Line scales enable retailers to demonstrate their desire for good quality where it counts most — right in front of their customers’ eyes” says Daniel Joha.

Functionality makes the difference

In particular, the jury from the red dot award, which included design experts from the US, Japan, Germany and Italy, praised the UC-HTT-M’s functional design. Ergonomically designed, it is easy to use, and its clearly arranged touchscreen makes for a high level of productivity. The housing is largely free of joints or grooves, which could harbor dirt, thus reducing the time needed to be spent cleaning the device. Designed with durability in mind: The UC-HTT-M’s die-cast aluminum housing is built to last and saves energy by allowing waste heat to dissipate without the need for a cooling fan.

Another innovation in design is the scales’ flexible scale display system (FSDS). The FSDS has a tilt mechanism that enables retailers to adjust the height and angle of the eye-catching customer display precisely in order to achieve the best position and adapt it to their particular circumstances. In Mr. Joha’s words, “Design is the icing on the cake for a functional and precise technological product such as a set of scales. It gives our products an attractive profile and gives retailers an incentive to differentiate themselves.”

The UC-HTT-M touchscreen scale is on display at the red dot museum on the site of the former Zeche Zollverein coal mine in Essen until 29 July 2012.





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