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Puts weights to the test

The new checkweigher family by Bizerba for the food industry

Documentation down to the last detail
Documentation down to the last detail
Source: Bizerba

Bizerba presents a new generation of checkweighers for checking the target weight of packaged products in the fresh and dry sector. The checkweighers in four different versions are not only suitable for dynamic weight checking of packaged products, but also for checking completeness, for product classification and for monitoring fill quantity. All results can be statistically analysed, which enables consistent documentation of the production process.

Food manufacturers have to check all products for the retail trade in accordance with the packaging regulations and record the results. Compliance with the fill quantity is subject to strict criteria which can be easily monitored using checkweighers. The CWDmaxx, CWEmaxx and CWFmaxx checkweighers categorise the goods according to predefined weight classes and filter out products that are too heavy or too light. In order to guarantee consistent fill quantities, the checkweigher’s trend control regulates the filling process to reduce give-aways and thus costs.

The checkweighers have up to 100,000 memory spaces in order to be able to easily load individual settings when switching products. Users can apply products to the checkweigher themselves without the need for a calibration official or service engineer. For this purpose the device learns the product behaviour when weighing dynamically, which compensates for disruption in daily operations and can improve accuracy.

In addition, belt sizes, software licenses and integration options can be adapted to individual requirements. The conveyors and housings of the machines are made from high-quality stainless steel to comply with hygiene guidelines. To avoid foreign bodies in the product an optional metal detector can be integrated.

In order to minimise down time, the Bizerba Service is available around the clock in the event of a breakdown. Following an initial analysis, problems can be dealt with both via remote maintenance as well as on site. 

Less wear, high availability

The robust CWPmaxx Neptune, which reliably checks both loose, unpackaged and packaged foods in continuous operation, is suitable for food-processing operations with a high throughput. Rather than the usual 3 or 4 belt devices, the checkweigher only has one conveyor belt and does not have bearings, rollers or drive belts, which reduces the parts subject to wear, keeping maintenance costs down. In order to save energy, only one drum motor is needed to drive the scales and ejection system. The throughput is 250 packages per minute, with an integrated retraction unit at 120 packages per minute.

The transport system of the CWPmaxx Neptune is designed in accordance with the hygienic design guidelines of the EHEDG and is easy to clean. The control cabinet with a gap-free seal also fulfils the highest hygiene requirements.

The CWPmaxx Neptune can be configured according to individual requirements. Users can choose between different belt sizes, software licenses, integration options, multiple tracks and other special solutions.

Source: Bizerba

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