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Sales made easy: The Syner.con group presents scales solutions using the UC3-Line and bC from METTLER TOLEDO

With the large customer display, the UC3-HTT-P touchscreen scales are ideal for...
With the large customer display, the UC3-HTT-P touchscreen scales are ideal for merchandising and cross-selling activities at the retail counter.

Easy to use and boosting sales at the retail counter: the Syner.con group will be pre-senting scales solutions using the UC3-Line touch-screen scales and the bC range of tactile scales from METTLER TOLEDO at IFFA 2010 (8 – 13 May, Messe Frankfurt – Hall 6, Stand C91).

The UC3-Line touchscreen scales from METTLER TOLEDO go several steps beyond mere weighing tech-nology: Double-screen scales enable visual merchandising with slideshows and video films to be displayed to the customer, while the employee screen allows for e-learning in the form of tutorials. Furthermore, the direct connection to the Fresh Database enables staff to offer each customer professional and relevant advice.

For specialist butchers, the scales hold the key to improv-ing efficiency and boosting sales at the counter. “Around three quarters of all buying decisions are made in the store,” explains Julia Obstfelder, METTLER TOLEDO Head of Marketing Retail Central Europe. “Butchers can turn this spontaneous purchasing behaviour to their ad-vantage. The display on the scales can show a customer buying barbecue steaks a reminder to purchase condi-ments such as herb butter. Or there could be an image promoting the family-pack of meat, if the weather fore-cast is predicting a warm spell. The UC3-Line scales give the specialist butcher complete control over the merchan-dising activities, thanks to applications such as our Fresh Promoter.” Fresh Promoter is a web-based application that transforms the UC3-Line touchscreen scales into a highly effective visual marketing tool at the counter, helping the scales to generate increased sales while re-maining easy to use. In the case of UC3-Line double-display scales, this application enables films, as well as text and images, to be shown on the customer-facing side. One of the Fresh Promoter’s key strengths is the ease with which the promotional messages can be added, changed and even set up to run only on specific scales in the store. The UC3-HTT-P retail counter scales, with a high-contrast 12.1-inch TFT customer display, are ideal for this application, and the group will be demonstrating the Fresh Promoter in action on this model at its stand during IFFA.

Revealed for the first time at IFFA: the UC3-Value Line touchscreen scales. “With the Value Line, we have lis-tened to those customers who appreciate the comfort of using touchscreen technology, but who do not require high-performance computing or memory. In other words, outlets where weighing comes in first and the scales are not used for cross selling and promotion applications,” says Julia Obstfelder. The UC3-HT retail counter scales from the Value Line will be on show at the Syner.con group’s stand. Julia Obstfelder: “The UC3-HT is the all-round model from the Value Line for the retail counter.”

One scale with dual benefits!
In terms of tactile retail scales, the METTLER TOLEDO bC-U2 scale with dual printer is this year’s highlight on the Syner.con group’s stand. This model enables staff to switch between sales and labelling mode at the simple touch of a button. Thanks to the dual printer, it is not nec-essary to change the paper roll from receipt to label paper. Hence, when the scales are not required for serving customers, such as during breaks or slower times of the day, the bC-U2 can be put to effective use for price label-ling or pre-packing meat products for the self-service counter or secondary displays. Julia Obstfelder: “This means that sales staff no longer need to keep moving be-tween the front and back of store when pricing or label-ling items. Instead, the employee can carry out these ac-tivities in the sales area, virtually unnoticed.” Should a customer enter the shop or queues start to form at the other counters, a single push of a button is all that is needed to be able to switch back to sales mode. Clever use of the bC-U2 can often even eliminate the need to purchase an additional compact scales unit. “Especially behind the counter, where space is usually limited, it is a welcome relief when one piece of equipment can do the work of two,” adds Julia Obstfelder. At IFFA 2010, the Syner.con group will be demonstrating how the bC-U2 with dual printer can help specialist butchers to improve the efficiency at their retail counters.

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