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ESL on the rise in Denmark

How a bottle store in Copenhagen uses electronic shelf labels to create a special eye-catcher

Various bottles of wine are placed on a shelf with electronic shelf labels....
Source: Delfi Technologies

POPL - a burger bar that originally started as a Noma pop-up concept back in 2020. A pop-up that exceeded all expectations, as they attracted long queues and enthusiastic reviews. The burgers quickly became known as the "Noma burger", and it was not long before you could find a new burger bar at a corner at Christianshavn in Copenhagen, with a simple, but very prepared, menu.

In May 2022, POPL officially opened their new Takeaway Bottleshop, and in this connection, they had new electronic shelf labels installed, which were to go in and create a special eye-catch. 

From manila labels to electronic shelf labels 

As soon as you open the door to the POPL burger bar, you quickly see the sign "Copenhagen’s Best Takeaway 2021". A well-deserved sign that quickly indicates that you probably have ended up at the right place. If you turn your head a little to the right, in POPL's takeaway department, you will automatically be drawn into a small wine show, where there is no doubt that the selection is also very exclusive here. The open wine coolers consist of high-quality natural wines with a fair price. The wines are sourced from Noma's wine cellar and other importers in Copenhagen. Several of the wines are only brought home in a handful of copies, which is why the range is often changed, so a dynamic and easy sign solution is a big help.

"The dream was to give our Bottleshop an expression that stood out from the usual manila brands, which are most often used in similar cases. Before the opening, we were missing a quality product that could work with our own specially selected quality products. It is important for us to have a good eye-catcher, and an easy approach to integration in our everyday life", says Kristian Rise, Beverage Manager of POPL.

"We wanted a quality product that could work with our own specially selected quality products. It was important for us to have a good eye-catcher and an easy approach to integration in our everyday life."

Quick implementation

"I walked around the Danish supermarket chain, MENY, where I got my eyes open for the shelf labels they have on their shelves, and that was where I got the idea with the electronic shelf labels for our new Bottleshop. However, I was a little nervous about whether it was just something that was negotiated and installed for larger chains with several items, or whether we at POPL could be in the game, with our smaller, but important, installation. Luckily, there wasn’t far from thought to action, so when I took the dialogue with Delfi Technologies, it took about three weeks, before we had our electronic shelf labels implemented and were completely ready for our opening of the store", Rise continues.

The integration at POPL has been created through Delfi Technologies, so that the staff at POPL can quickly add, delete and change the information on the shelf labels through an Excel sheet, so that visitors are always updated about the product's name, year, country, and price. It all happens through a Breece Cloud Plug & Play solution, where they have a single wireless communicator connected in the store, which is connected to an Ethernet connection - simple and easy.

Logo: Delfi Technologies GmbH

Delfi Technologies GmbH

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Source: Delfi Technologies

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