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Thumbnail-Photo: POS Terminals: Control center in your pocket...
21.10.2019   #mobile payment #POS systems

POS Terminals: Control center in your pocket

Mobile, flexible, secure? – What business needs do POS systems have to meet today?

At the store, on the go or at the customer's home - POS terminals can be easily used in many settings, offering businesses greater flexibility.In this interview, Reinhard Blum, CEO of CCV Deutschland GmbH talks about the advantages of this ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The iXtenso editors tested self-scanning ......
30.09.2019   #mobile payment #app

The iXtenso editors tested self-scanning ...

... with an app of the Hobbymarkt Knauber in Bonn, Germany

Snabble has developed a payment app that allows customers to scan their purchases in retail stores and pay online. I wondered: How does it work?The app is in use in the Bonn DIY and hobby market Knauber, among other places. Let’s make a move ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Mobile payments at the supermarket checkout
05.08.2019   #mobile payment #smartphone

Mobile payments at the supermarket checkout

An early adopter’s experience of mobile payments

Or: "What’s that you’re doing with your watch?“I still remember the first time I used mobile payment technology and paid for items with my smartphone at a supermarket checkout: It was October 17, 2018, exactly seven days after ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Nets and Swish partner on in-store payments pilot...
23.07.2019   #mobile payment #mobile terminals

Nets and Swish partner on in-store payments pilot

Bluetooth tech enables scalable instore payments for mobile payment app

Nets, a European payments company, and Swish, the number one payments app in Sweden, announce their collaboration on an in-store payments pilot program.Until now, Swish has mostly been used for account-to-account transactions and, more recently, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: E-payments emerge as go-to method of paying
14.09.2018   #payment systems #payment terminals

E-payments emerge as go-to method of paying

Pressed for time, millennials consumers look for convenience and flexibility

The desire for convenience by consumers is reshaping the retail sector, where retailers are scrambling to offer a seamless shopping experience with latest technologies such as self-service checkout systems and contactless payment technology. In such ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Francisco Partners Completes Acquisition of Verifone...
27.08.2018   #payment systems #payment terminals

Francisco Partners Completes Acquisition of Verifone

Mike Pulli assumes role of CEO at Verifone

Verifone Systems, Inc. (“Verifone” or the “Company”), a global leader in payment and commerce solutions, today announced that it has been acquired by an investor group led by Francisco Partners, a leading technology focused ...

Thumbnail-Photo: No-checkout store of the future: Successful retail projects...
06.08.2018   #digitization #cashpoints

No-checkout store of the future: Successful retail projects

Fine-tuning of the major rollouts has also started in Germany

Robots as sales consultants, REWE’s self-checkout at the neighborhood store or digital price tags. Slowly but surely, customers get used to and increasingly accept these innovative supermarket concepts. But are customers ready to take the next ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Europe: Nine out of ten largest grocery chains go for an APG cash drawer...
05.07.2018   #payment systems #payment terminals

Europe: Nine out of ten largest grocery chains go for an APG cash drawer

Long relationship with APG’s bespoke products

Many perceive a cash drawer as simply a metal box used for storing cash. While this discernment may be true to millions of shoppers it could not be any further from the truth for the shop owners. The European Central Bank’s November ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Mastercard retires customer signatures
26.04.2018   #customer satisfaction #payment systems

Mastercard retires customer signatures

Merchants newly empowered to simplify and speed store checkout

Mastercard announced that merchants in the U.S. and Canada can forego cardholder signatures for in-store credit and debit purchases, effective on April 13. The goal is to speed customers through checkout lines and give merchants greater control ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Omnichannel: engbers Männermode rolls out a new concept...
15.02.2018   #customer satisfaction #customer relationship management

Omnichannel: engbers Männermode rolls out a new concept

Numerous background processes but only one payment process at the point of sale system

The men’s clothing store engbers has recently completed the test phase of a new omnichannel solution for its in-store point of sale systems. Now the rollout starts in all 320 stores throughout Germany and Austria. The implementation primarily ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 4POS SCO-400 EveryPLACE
16.01.2018   #cashpoints #self-checkout systems


Where is EveryPLACE?

... in all places where your customers are, when they register and pay for their own purchases. 4POS has developed the 4POS SCO-400 EveryPLACE, a self-checkout solution which is highly responsive to the needs of customer-centric ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Smart POS - the new payment generation speaks Android!...
15.01.2018   #mobile payment #app

Smart POS - the new payment generation speaks Android!

How do retailer prepare their Point-of-Sale for digitalization?

CCV’s POS smart solution is the answer! A solution that not only includes the payment application in the terminal, but also enables other applications such as loyalty or additional applications. These are provided via the certified, CCV-owned ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Ergonomic Solutions Launches SpacePole MultiClip™...
11.01.2018   #epos components #payment terminals

Ergonomic Solutions Launches SpacePole MultiClip™

The NextGen universal payment mount for the Ingenico Lane Series of payment terminals

Ergonomic Solutions, the acknowledged leader in the design and supply of technology mounting & mobility solutions at the Point of Sale, Point of Payment and Point of Service, today announced the launch of the SpacePole MultiClip universal ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 7-Eleven gives unbanked access to online shopping with Amazon Cash...
10.11.2017   #brick and mortar retail #payment systems

7-Eleven gives unbanked access to online shopping with Amazon Cash

Paying with a barcode

Online shoppers who don’t have a credit card, or prefer not to use one for purchases, can now use Amazon Cash to add funds to their Balance at almost 8,000 7‑Eleven stores in the U.S. The process is simple. To load money into ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Mobile payment can fail due to lack of knowledge and enthusiasm of...
15.10.2017   #mobile payment #customer relationship management

"Mobile payment can fail due to lack of knowledge and enthusiasm of checkout personnel"

Interview with Professor Ludwig Hierl of the DHBW Heilbronn

Out in the field, new technologies hinge on whether the people who use them also accept and adopt them. In this conversation with iXtenso, Professor Ludwig Hierl points out that things are still amiss when it comes to mobile and contactless payment ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Checkout maze: When cashiers vanish behind the terminal...
15.10.2017   #customer satisfaction #cashpoints

Checkout maze: When cashiers vanish behind the terminal

Creating a positive effect at the POS area with a clear design

These days, point-of-sale terminals have to fulfill more and more functions – especially in the food retail industry. Retailers can also connect various peripherals that assume additional tasks. Yet this multitude of functions also entails ...

Thumbnail-Photo: CCV re-equips new payment infrastructure at Tchibo...
31.07.2017   #payment systems #payment terminals

CCV re-equips new payment infrastructure at Tchibo

New hardware allows contactless payments via NFC

CCV Germany wins the project launched by Tchibo to re-equip the new payment infrastructure of the Hamburg-based company. The CCV solution "hosted acCEPT", which consists of the terminal hardware "CCV Pad" in connection with the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: CCV Base Next
01.02.2017   #payment systems #payment terminals

CCV Base Next

All-in-one: desktop and mobile!

The brand new CCV Base Next convinces with its large memory capacity, a 4" color display and a fast printer. The CCV Base is attractive and really flexible because of its desktop and mobile usability. Wireless, mobile payment is possible ...

Thumbnail-Photo: German retailer Bartels-Langness selects Verifone to offer customers new...
20.01.2017   #mobile payment #payment systems

German retailer Bartels-Langness selects Verifone to offer customers new self checkout experiences

Special promotions and a variety of payment options possible

The German retailer Bartels-Langness Handelsgesellschaft (Bela) has selected Verifone (NYSE: PAY), a world leader in payments and commerce solutions, to enable shoppers in Germany with smart, interactive experiences at checkout including special ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Verifone at the EuroShop 2017: Solutions for the Connected World...
17.01.2017   #payment systems #payment terminals

Verifone at the EuroShop 2017: Solutions for the Connected World

German premiere of Verifone Carbon

“Solutions for the Connected World” is Verifone's motto at this year's EuroShop in Düsseldorf. The world’s leading provider of electronic payment systems will present the solutions for digital change in the payment ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Andrew Carr now heading APG’s European division, Cash Bases...
28.11.2016   #payment systems #personnel management

Andrew Carr now heading APG’s European division, Cash Bases

Andrew Carr and Stephen Bergeron about his new position at the head of Cash Bases

Andrew Carr is no stranger to nor fearful of change. He brings 25 years of experience in multiple technical and commercial leadership positions within IBM and from 2012 forward – continuing through his IBM division’s sale – in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Verifone - The next generation of payment terminals...
24.02.2016   #payment terminals #EuroCIS

Verifone - The next generation of payment terminals

Verifone are presenting their newest products at EuroCIS again this year.

Thumbnail-Photo: The future of connected payment devices
29.10.2015   #payment systems #terminals

The future of connected payment devices

Enabling merchants and partners with consumer interactivity

To empower merchants, acquirers, and service providers with new commerce opportunities and experiences in store and protection against escalating security threats Verifone announced Verifone Engage. The next generation family of payment ...

27.06.2012   #terminals #payment terminals

Central Bank upgrades ATMs through NCR SelfServ ATMs with SDM

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today announced that Central Bank, which services Provo, Utah and the surrounding communities, will deploy 10 NCR SelfServ ATMs to revamp its ATM network. The new ATMs include NCR’s Scalable Deposit Module (SDM) ...

21.06.2012   #terminals #payment terminals

Elavon launches new engineer deployment model in Germany

Implementing a 90% engineer deployment model to provide a better quality customer service

Elavon, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB) and a leading global payment solutions provider has launched a new and unique deployment model in Germany, greatly improving customer service in this key market. Since April 2012 the ...

05.06.2012   #franchise management (software) #payment terminals

Video teller services will help transform the way banks design branches

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today announced a strategic investment in uGenius Technology, LLC, a Utah-based pioneer in video banking solutions. NCR has taken a minority equity stake in the company. In 2011, NCR and uGenius collaborated to build the ...

01.06.2012   #terminals #mobile terminals

Hoeft & Wessel supplies ticketing vending machines to Poland

- Region of Katowice will get more than 100 almex.station units - Sale of tickets and smartcards The manufacturer Hoeft & Wessel AG will supply ticketing vending machines (TVM’s) to Poland. Asseco Poland S.A. has now ordered 109 ...

09.03.2012   #mobile data capture #terminals

IT-9000 multifunctional terminal

Secure mobile payment solution: CASIO is showcasing the new IT-9000 multifunctional terminal, which is an innovative hand held/payment system for use on the move in many different sectors. Thanks to its integrated high-speed printer, 2D imager, ...

29.09.2011   #payment systems #payment terminals

ConCardis collaborates with RatePAY

Online merchants who use leading provider ConCardis to settle cashless payments can now offer their customers even more payment options for Internet shopping. A collaboration with RatePAY has made this possible. The payment service provider, which ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Hoeft & Wessel revolutionises e-Ticketing in public transport...
29.09.2011   #epos systems #cashpoints

Hoeft & Wessel revolutionises e-Ticketing in public transport

- New e-Ticketing system for check-in/check-out with NFC credit card - High-speed boarding without prior registration - Now passengers only need an NFC credit card

Long waiting times when buying tickets on buses and trains are now a thing of the past - at least for customers of Hoeft & Wessel: for the first time ever, the IT specialist will provide them with a new Almex e-Ticketing system for convenient, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: XENTEO
21.09.2011   #payment systems #mobile terminals


XENTEO is a state-of-the-art terminal for use in unattended environments: ticket machines, petrol stations, kiosks, self-service checkouts etc. Its user-centric architecture has been developed to meet the needs of cardholders, integrators, and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Xenta
19.09.2011   #payment systems #mobile terminals


Innovation cubed

Revolutionary ergonomics make the terminal feel right, with its compact shape, integrated privacy shield, easy-to-use keypad and prominent display. The terminal design provides physical security, backed up by a dedicated security processor, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: YOMANI - The sleek countertop terminal
16.09.2011   #payment systems #terminals

YOMANI - The sleek countertop terminal

Colourful innovation

The sleek countertop terminal is designed for fast, multi-lane environments with cash register integration and multi-acquiring capabilities for the SEPA era. A merchant unit can be used for smaller retail environments. The terminal has soft ...

Thumbnail-Photo: XENTISSIMO
14.09.2011   #payment systems #payment terminals


Innovation on the move

XENTISSIMO has been built with the mobile user in mind, and can cope with long and tough daily use. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery provides superior autonomy. Compact and lightweight, XENTISSIMO is extremely portable: in your hand, in your ...

17.06.2011   #epos systems #epos software

NCR named worldwide market leader in self-checkout for third straight year

According to RBR, NCR shipped approximately six times as many units as its closest competitor in 2010

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today announced that it has been ranked as the global market leader in the rapidly growing self-checkout market, according to industry analyst firm Retail Banking Research (RBR) in its June 2011 report, “Global EPOS ...

26.01.2011   #terminals #mobile terminals

Hoeft & Wessel: More than 250,000 mobile terminals and nearly 100,000 ticket vending machines

Total sales revenues have exceeded EUR 1 billion since IPO in 1998 - Increasing internationalisation: presence in more than 30 countries

In a corporate history exceeding 30 years, the Hoeft & Wessel Group has delivered well over 250,000 mobile data capture/processing terminals and nearly 100,000 ticket vending machines and car park ticket terminals. In particular, Hoeft & Wessel´s ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Business Intelligence is the basis for efficient supply of goods in...
01.07.2010   #software developement #payment terminals

Business Intelligence is the basis for efficient supply of goods in retail

Interview with Jens-Uwe Holz, managing director of Itellium Services GmbH, and André Paul, head of the BI sector

Itellium was the IT sector of Karstadt, was sold and then brought back and is now an owner-operated company. Of the 700 former jobs about 270 remain. For the first time ever, Itellium was an exhibitor at the recent EuroCIS, introduced a new payment ...

17.08.2009   #cashpoints #self-checkout systems

Hoeft & Wessel’s subsidiary Metric again wins maintenance contract for London’s roadside ticketing machines

Turnkey service for London Bus: Supply, maintenance, cash collection, helpline

Metric Group Ltd., Swindon, United Kingdom, a company of the Hoeft & Wessel Group, succeeded in being awarded a renewed contract for maintenance of London’s roadside ticketing machines by London Bus Services Ltd. For the next three years, ...

23.06.2009   #terminal solutions #payment terminals

Wincor Nixdorf breaks the 2,000 mark for installed kiosks at Taiwan FamilyMart

Self-service kiosk increases customer traffic and captures new revenue stream at the convenience store chain

Taiwan FamilyMart, one of the largest convenience store chains on the island, has installed more than 2,200 Wincor Nixdorf self-service kiosks - a new milestone for both companies. Bills used to be paid at the point of sale (POS) system but ...

Thumbnail-Photo: New onboard unit for buses and trains
30.04.2009   #terminals #terminal solutions

New onboard unit for buses and trains

Hoeft & Wessel introduces a new onboard unit for buses and trams. The almex.optima cl integrates ticket printer and onboard computer function perfectly into a single compact unit. The device handles contactless E-tickets conforming to VDV-KA, ITSO ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Artema PIN Retail
04.09.2007   #terminals #terminal solutions

Artema PIN Retail

Chip and PIN solution for EPOS systems

Benefits at a glance User-friendly customer interface Secure PIN entry Versatile communication interfaces Easy application development Artema PIN Retail is a high-performance Chip and PIN device for connecting to EPOS (Electronic ...

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